My new favorite YouTube star, JennaMarbles is taking center stage for this blog post. This chick is ridiculous! Check out these videos:

Warning: Inappropriate language and sexual references are used in abundance. 

What Caffeine Does 

What a Girl’s Hair Means 

Born to Die

Lana Del Rey (aka Gangsta Nancy Sinatra), beautiful blonde with a gorgeous full mouth and a soulful voice that sets your soul alight.

I came across her song Video a few weeks ago and have been slowly discovering a few other songs from her album Born to Die to be released January 31, 2012. She is earthy and soulful with a sarcastic sense of humor and impeccable style. Here are a few of my favorites.

Video Games

Kinda Outta Luck 

Born to Die 

Off to The Races 

Blue Jeans 

Riding in Cars with Boys 

You Can Be The Boss