Twin Peaks

Weird, bizarre, disturbing, fanatical… Yet considered by some to be the best television show ever written. While it only lasted two seasons, Twin Peaks quickly became a cult classic.

While watching an episode of Psych entitled “Duel Spires,” based off of Twin Peaks, I became intrigued by the strange characters and weird scenarios and Netflix just so happened to have the complete first and second season. The first season began beautifully. It truly was an incredibly well done show. Attention is drawn to this small town when a high school girl is found dead. Investigations are underway and the FBI end up coming on the scene. However, this is not a crime drama. Techniques used by the prime investigator factor in bizarre dreams and visions as well as entering alternative worlds and entertaining a strange theory about owls.

Then things began to get very bizarre in the second season with alternate dimensions, some strange theory about the owls I still don’t fully understand, a twisted concept of good and evil and funny little man with the strangest voice.

I really can’t even begin to explain it. I can just say that it is well worth every moment. Plus these gorgeous women are in it. Can’t miss that.