Bachelorette Party – Lucky Chengs

An evening at Lucky Chengs, the “Drag Capital of the World!”

With a group of 14 stunning ladies, we headed to the 10pm show for a large crowd of rowdy women and men in lace and sequins.

The show was very amusing consisting of various interactive stints rather than a performance. Beginning with providing volunteers with lap dances (including our bride-to-be) part of which involved the dancer’s head between my cousin’s thighs and her bum in my cousin’s face in a mini handstand that involved quite a bit of grinding. This was of course after the balloon man created a very large vagina hat, clitoris included, for my cousin.

The night continued with a prefix meal at $32 a piece of what I imagine was supposed to be Chinese or Asian Fusion cuisine. The food was horrendous. Though I still managed to eat my money’s worth. Go for the show, not the food.

The show continued with selecting one member from each table to compete in a contest which was not immediately described. Of course we all nominated the bride. Then a gentleman was chosen from the crowd. It was then revealed that the ladies had to compete for best lap dance. The guy chosen was very very lucky. After the first girl went, two chicks quickly ran back to their tables in hopes of escape. Luckily they succeeded and another girl was chosen along with a young man who resembled Harry Potter. The competition winners came down to my cousin and Harry. Harry put on a spectacular, sexual performance with stroking and all sorts of kinky stuff. He seemed so meek and innocent. His efforts paid off and he won.

After a belly dance of some sort, the show concluded and we parted for the evening. The night was great fun and a wonderful chance to spend some time with my cousin and meet her friends.

Dark Shadows

I would like to begin with a quick belated Happy Mother’s Day! I spent the entire day hanging out barefoot in the grass in upstate NY with my mother, brother and grandparents. Weather was spectacular and the dogs were in country bliss.

On Thursday night I was lucky enough to catch Dark Shadows with two gorgeous ladies. The theater of choice was a small, retro theater that is perpetually stuck in the early 90s. The beauty of this – Classic outdoor box office and no crowds, despite it being opening night.

Every trailer I witnessed for Dark Shadows had me erupting with giggles and fits of laughter. I was previously unaware of the existence of the 70s TV show, but my mother quickly educated me proclaiming its seriousness and the ill-fitting humor of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton have ruined a show she knew and loved. She has refused to see the movie. I have yet to see an episode, but with all 160 episodes on Netflix Watch Instantly I will be checking in shortly.

The actual movie was a lot of fun. Good natured and entertaining with bits of amusing anecdotes and a licentious and violent sex scene. Worth the trip to the theater and definitely lived up to my expectations. I recommend it.