Burning Man

MiraBella plays host to a wonderful fall party to conclude the summer season and start anew. Running wild with the Burning Man theme, it is a chance to rid yourself of the past, events, negative feelings, or items and allow for new growth. It’s all very symbolic.

VK set a bonfire at the base of a wooden man and we watched as he erupted in smoke and flame. The fire slowly disintegrated him from the feet up. As smoke and sparks rose from the man, guests approached dropping items into the fire.

With a cast of characters in attendance and all the youngins gone home to bed, the party erupted with shot after shot of coconut tequila, heaven sent 1800. The bottle was soon empty.

Lots of rowdy behavior ensued. Then VK had a brilliant idea: Grass tubing! This fun sport consists of tying a snow tube to the back of an F450, hopping on and being dragged through the fields. It was awesome!! We flew across the grass, up and down slopes, over bumps. Somehow only one among us fell off. It was a wonderful night!

Ten Dramatic Landscapes

I LOVE to travel. New cities, new countries, new anything excites me to the core. I am a bit of a sucker for top ten lists as well. TripAdvisor sent out an email today of 10 dramatic landscapes. These places are definitely going on my Bucket List. For those nature lover’s out there, get an eyeful of these stunning sights!

See the article here. I highly recommend using TripAdvisor when traveling to new places. 

10 dramatic landscapes

1. Badlands National Park

     South Dakota, US

2. Cano Cristales

     Villavicencio, Colombia

3. The Pinnacle

     Cervantes, Australia

4. Salar de Uyun..

     Bolivia, South America
     Bohol Island, Philippines
     Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, US
     Pamukkale, Turkey
      Arizona, US
     Namib-Naukluft Park, Namibia, Africa
       Northern Ireland, UK

Cold Spring, NY

A quaint river front town with a main street lined with boutiques, bakeries, and antique shops, Cold Spring is right between the beautiful Hudson River and a wide expanse of forest, mountains and glorious nature.

The day was hot and humid. My family and I were driving up to Connecticut to look at boats before realizing our destination was closed. As we started back home the insurmountable urge for a frozen fruit pop revitalized memories of an orgasmic mouth experience when biting into a mango frozen pop at the Warwick Applefest fall of 2011. The business just happened to be located in one of my favorite New York State towns.

The drive to Cold Spring, though a mere 30 minutes, felt exponentially longer as my anticipation grew. Once on Main Street, unable to contain myself long enough to wait to find parking, I rushed out of the car and into the storefront of Go-Go Pops.

They even have green juices!

An incredible selection of teas, coffees, organic chocolates and treats… endless deliciousness.

Insisting on two pops, I started with a Mango Hibiscus made with fresh chunks of mango frozen in hibiscus tea. Heaven on earth. My second pop was Coconut made from coconut milk, coconut water, and a touch of cane sugar. I enjoyed this while strolling down to the river.

The views are spectacular. This area of the Hudson is clean and quiet, prefect for boating and adventures.

Rafting on the Delaware

On Monday I went rafting down the Delaware with a few wonderful ladies from my stable. We loaded the cooler with beer, wine, fruit, and sandwiches from a local deli before hitting the water in our itty bitty bikinis and shades.

Quickly ditching the life preserves for some much needed rays, we attempted to navigate the first leg of the river and ended up merely spinning in circles as the current took us downstream. On multiple occasions, rocks hidden right below the surface of the water caught our raft and held us in place among the swirling rapids forcing us to attempt to dislodge. These minor delays hindered no one. We lounged in the raft, uncaring of speed or time, merely lavishing in nature’s beauty, the bright warm sun, and the steady pull of the current.

The wine shop owner promised us four bottles… We ended up with a catheter bag of Pinot Grigio and no glasses. Empty beer bottles it is!

It was a beautiful day for sun and adventure!

All images courtesy of C.S.