Food Journal Day 9

Pretty solid day in regards to food, but really hectic in the life aspect. Running between work, class and studying for finals has left me drained.

Breakfast: A pineapple, banana and coconut milk smoothie. Yum!

Lunch: I went out to lunch with my mother to my favorite little cafe with the best salads and sandwiches, The Rolling Pin in Westwood, NJ (I’ll do a restaurant review at some point). Following veganism here is easy, simply stick to a salad and ask for no cheese. Though every time I come in I see the tasty sandwiches I once devoured.

Contents of the salad: mixed baby greens, candied almonds, strawberries, blackberries, and a white wine vinaigrette.

Dinner: I ended up having my night class tonight despite this week being dedicated to finals. I took with me this cool new bar that was at Whole Foods on Sunday. They were giving out samples and it was so delicious I had to grab one. A bit pricey though, roughly $3.50 a bar.

The bar happens to be dairy free, gluten free, vegan, and packed with super fruits. Very tasty health bar.

When I got home from class, around 21:00 (I hate eating this late), I helped myself to some of the sides my mother made for the family dinner. A huge scoop of carrots and a huge scoop of sting beans. There are about 4 super ripe avocados sitting on my counter, so I mashed one up with some salt, pepper and lemon juice and made celery logs with it. Very tasty.

It just came to my attention that other than smoothies, I have not made anything since starting this Food Journal. As I have mentioned before, my last two finals are this Wednesday. I work a full day Thursday, but Friday I will be off and free to hit the gym, record my workout, as well as cook up some tasty meals and provide you guys with some really good recipes. Looking forward to it!

Food Journal Day 7-8

Things have been a bit wild between work, Christmas shopping and trying to study for my last two finals this week. After taking my organic chemistry final I have lost all ambition to hit the books for hours on end. I find my mind wandering off to some beautiful field of wildflowers with a hot summer sun warming my back and a good book between my knees. The cold and the dark of winter transform me from a warm, delightful cup of tea to a indisposed bear in mid hibernation, constantly dismal and randomly snappy at minuscule things.

Saturday went quite well… for the first half of the day. I began early with a delicious banana and coconut milk smoothie flavored with some cinnamon, vanilla extract and nutmeg. A holiday treat.

This filled me up and provided a nice energy boost for that mornings shopping. I purchased a gift from my mother in Hawaii, a beautiful locally done hand blown glass sculpture of a fish, and ordered my father an new Swiss Army watch online (no worries, they don’t read this). I had also ordered a bunch of things for Kyle online. I’d like to vent my frustrations on shopping for him in another post. Basically all that was left were my two brothers and a handful of things I wanted to pick up for Kyle.

I began to make the rounds, searching mainly for clothes for my brothers. Which is incredibly trying as one is 6’1” and the other 6’3” and both are fairly slim. A tedious combination as normal clothes are too short and big and tall clothes are too wide. Very frustrating. Ultimately I left empty handed from most stores. I think I might go with accessories this year.

After the bit of shopping I headed home to take care of my dogs. Plans for the rest of the day involved going out for lunch with my hot lesbian friend, Ariele, and doing some more shopping with her. I decided to eat lunch at home to save the money and not to complicate things by worrying about the vegan thing in a restaurant (don’t be intimidated, it is not hard, I’m just poor and easily tempted).

We ended up skipping lunch, going straight to Home Goods for 2 hours designing beautiful gift baskets for her family. I started to build one for Kyle’s parents before changing my mind last minute. We’re not terribly close, shipping would have cost a fortune, and I do not know enough about them to build one that would be useful and enjoyed. I decided it is a thing for next year.

Back to the main purpose of this entry, FOOD, dinner was at Bonefish, a delicious and expensive restaurant near the shopping mall. I kind of cheated… Pretty badly too. I am very ashamed and in all honesty it was not even worth the cheat. I had fish tacos. Not the worst cheat in the world, but for these 21 days I was really steadfast on keeping it to an intense detox routine. I also had an espresso martini. Not really part of a detox either but it was delicious.

Today, I woke up with a mango smoothie and lots of water. Went to Whole Foods to pick up groceries for the week and buy a bunch of hippy food to send to Kyle. Kyle, the one who laughed at me and made fun of me for the whole merging into a vegan diet, calling me a hippy and all sorts of silly names, asked me for a care package for Christmas loaded with hippy food and supplements. I just laughed and am happy to get him a bit more into the concept and supportive. He’ll never cut out meat, but if he is more understanding of me trying to do it, I’m cool.

For lunch I had a piece of vegan pizza from Whole Foods made with gluten-free dough, peppers, onions, and some delicious garlic/tomato/seasoned paste thing instead of a tomato sauce. Absolutely delicious.

For dinner, I made a salad of shredded golden beets, shredded parsnip, shredded onion, chopped mint leaves and a vinaigrette with pineapple juice, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, maple syrup (optional), garlic and salt.

Today is also weigh-in Sunday. I weighed in at 138lbs. A loss of two pound for the week. This is about what I expected. From stress, it being “that time of the month,” lack of sleep, lack of normal exercise, I have not been living the desired lifestyle. My last two finals are Wednesday and I will start picking up a normal routine from there.

Food Journal Day 6

Sorry guys, no photos yet again.

Breakfast: A smoothie with banana, blueberries, spinach, coconut milk, raw honey and vanilla extract.

Lunch: A delicious salad at work of mixed baby greens, cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers, walnuts, craisins, tofu, and balsamic vinaigrette. No soup today. The only options contained animal products.

Snacks: I enjoyed a bunch of grapes and a pear around 3-4pm.

Dinner: Nothing.

The deadlines were daunting and the numbers just did not want to add up. Eventually, everything was figured out, but the stress from it tied my stomach into a knot that would not allow me to eat any dinner. I also plan on trading the gym in for a relaxing, steamy hot bubble bath.

I promise, tomorrow I will elaborate on my usual workout routine as well as provide pictures of tasty food.

Food Journal Day 4

Woke up to my alarm blaring at 4AM after falling asleep on my organic chemistry textbook around 2AM. Awesome. More studying. I crammed for a few more hours before my 8AM orgo final, which I aced!!! I was definitely well prepared, but do to my extensive preparation for orgo, I neglected to study for my biology lab final. Flipping through the first few pages of the exam, my mind was at peace with the simplicity. Upon reaching the final page, a quagmire arose worth 25 points. I gritted my teeth and went with the glorious shotgun approach, grinding my pencil across the page with every little tiny detail I learned about the topic.

Breakfast: I was naughty and did not prepare anything the night before and neglected to swipe a snack from my kitchen before heading off to campus.

Lunch: Made it home around 1:30PM for a quick bite of leftovers before heading to work (alas, deadlines).

A bit of my rice mixture, cauliflower, and half a red pepper. Not ideal, but super fast and tasty.

Dinner: Made a huge salad of mixed baby greens, chopped romaine, tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, pepitas, and fresh lemon juice as dressing. I devoured it before I realized I am supposed to be photographically documenting all my meals. Whoops.

For dessert, I mashed up a banana with cinnamon, cacoa powder, vanilla extract and coconut milk. Not really a pudding, but it was a tasty treat and cut my sweet craving.

Sadly no time for a workout tonight. I still have some things to finish up for work and then more schoolwork, but I’ll be heading to the gym everyday for the next four days. More than enough to make up for skimping tonight.

Food Journal Day 3

Breakfast: Yet another smoothie made with strawberries, blueberries, coconut and water.

Lunch: I absolutely adore my work cafeteria. I made a delicious fresh salad and a cup of lentil soup.

Contents of salad: mixed baby greens, celery, carrot, lentil, sunflower seeds, craisins, cucumber, balsamic vinegar and four small flat bread triangles (these probably aren’t the best, but they’re so tasty I couldn’t resist)

Contents of the lentil soup (guesswork as I didn’t make it): lentils, carrots, celery, onions, veggie stock all simmered to a savory perfection.

I left work early today to study for my two finals tomorrow. I took my dog for a nice long walk first to get some fresh air and exercise and get my mind out of the work zone for a bit. We ended up walking a block, sprinting a block, walking a block, sprinting yet another block. She LOVES to run and gets super excited when we go for walks. Hence why I adore taking her out with me. Her fun loving nature makes the exercise fun and enjoyable.

Dinner: After hours of studying, I broke for a dinner of about 1/2 cup of the left over rice dish from yesterday and some fresh bell peppers and carrots alongside a huge mug of tea. For dessert, I munched a few squares of an organic dark chocolate bar.

In reflection, a much better day. My salad for lunch really helped balance the day and get me some of those greens I’ve been craving. The cabbage in the rice dish is also a really great addition as cabbage has excellent vitamin content and is super cheap for those trying to save some money.

Food Journal Day 1

Day one of accountability began with a late start. I’ve been pretty much sleep deprived for the past two weeks, living on 4-5 hours a night due to long hours, lots of studying and stress catching up to me. Rising around 10:30AM, getting in a solid 8 hours, I began my day with 24oz of water and a frolic in the backyard with my dogs.

For breakfast I made a smoothie with the following ingredients:

  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Organic Acai juice (not from concentrate)
  • Juice of half a Myers lemon
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Coconut milk

Threw it all in a blender and added a bit of water to make the blending easier. YUM.

A smoothie in the morning can hold me over for hours. This one was happened to have a lot of sugar. I need to do some grocery shopping as I don’t have any blendable greens right now. Spinach works really well as it isn’t too fibrous. I tend to add a handful to most smoothies as well as some spirulina. I should also break out the juicer again.

For lunch, my parents invited me out. This was little bit tough as the restaurant did not have many options (it was a pizza joint). I ended up stuck with a pretty bland salad.

The salad contained chopped romaine, red onion, garbanzo beans, olives, tomatoes and had a bit too much Italian vinaigrette. Definitely should have asked for dressing on the side. Otherwise, it was tasty. Once home, I ate two dates and made a cup of chai tea, no milk or sweetener.

I continued to drink copious amounts of tea and water throughout the remainder of the day, sticking mainly to green teas to ease up on the caffeine.

For dinner, I had to push myself to eat. Tea has a tenancy to make me feel really full. I had a few leftover veggies in the fridge from yesterday so I made a plate of cooked carrots, raw green pepper and cucumber. I also had a glass of water mixed with a tablespoon of powdered psyllium husk. It is a great source of fiber and really helps to scrape out your insides.

As today is Sunday, it is time for my weekly weigh in. This morning I weighed in at 140lbs. I don’t suggest taking weight seriously. What is scale says is not important. A healthy weight for one person can be a very unhealthy weight for another. I know from personal experience with my body that a weight of roughly 130lbs is best for me. I feel healthiest and strongest at that weight when eating the right foods and exercising. That was my weight about 3 years ago when I went vegan for a few months. I felt amazing and looked amazing and it is my goal to get back to that feeling, not necessarily that weight. For the past two years I have been fluctuating from 135-140lbs and feel okay, but not as great as I did when eating vegan. Hence why I am switching back to that lifestyle.

As for my feelings physically, I felt pretty good for the day. Had to pee a lot due to all the tea consumption, but its a great way to clear out your system. A little tired and stressed, but overall nothing too significant. Emotionally, I’m going through a lot of nonsense with my boyfriend that has been bringing me down, but leaving that at the door, I don’t currently have any feelings towards the new food lifestyle that I am attempting to lead. Over the past few weeks I’ve been primarily sticking to this diet with the small cheat here and there. Cutting out those cheats may take a toll on me. We’ll just have to see.

Exercise for my day has been minimal. I spent most of the time sitting at the computer or at my desk studying for my two finals on Wednesday. I did take my dog for a 30 minute power walk right as the sun started to set. I intended on it being longer, but the cold was beginning to get to me. Walking is one of the best things you can do. When I had my puppy in my old apartment with no yard we went for 20-40 minute walks about 3 times a day with quick little 10 minute bursts in between. I felt a major difference after a week. Everything was tighter and I had a lot more energy. I know walking this often can be tough for most people with work and life (I certainly don’t have time for it now), but taking 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening is enough to make a huge difference and it is manageable. But remember, eating well is just as important.

I look forward to another successful day tomorrow.