Dark Shadows

I would like to begin with a quick belated Happy Mother’s Day! I spent the entire day hanging out barefoot in the grass in upstate NY with my mother, brother and grandparents. Weather was spectacular and the dogs were in country bliss.

On Thursday night I was lucky enough to catch Dark Shadows with two gorgeous ladies. The theater of choice was a small, retro theater that is perpetually stuck in the early 90s. The beauty of this – Classic outdoor box office and no crowds, despite it being opening night.

Every trailer I witnessed for Dark Shadows had me erupting with giggles and fits of laughter. I was previously unaware of the existence of the 70s TV show, but my mother quickly educated me proclaiming its seriousness and the ill-fitting humor of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton have ruined a show she knew and loved. She has refused to see the movie. I have yet to see an episode, but with all 160 episodes on Netflix Watch Instantly I will be checking in shortly.

The actual movie was a lot of fun. Good natured and entertaining with bits of amusing anecdotes and a licentious and violent sex scene. Worth the trip to the theater and definitely lived up to my expectations. I recommend it.