Comicon NYC 2012

My first experience at Comicon was incredible! I went as Sally Jupiter from Watchmen with my friends as Protoman, Ramona Flowers and Scott Pilgrim. At least one of us was asked to stop for photographs at least every other minute, Protoman and I were pulled aside for an interview with a Japanese news show covering the convention, and we had an chance to see a live demo of Assassins Creed III. So much fun!

First Snow Blues

While Darby, my fabulous furry friend, is ecstatic about the first real snow of the season (a good 5 inches of accumulation and it is still coming down! – HARD), the 23 degree gusts, iced roads and piles of snow everywhere are putting a major damper on my Saturday plans.

As my only day off, Saturdays are my one opportunity to let loose, relax, do something fun and just enjoy myself and a little bit of freedom from responsibility. However, the weather has stuck its grimy middle finger up at all my propositions causing immense grievance.

This is how my day was supposed to turn out:

Wake up bright and early for a trip to the Javit’s Center for the annual International Motorcycle Show, a gathering of men and women clad in studded leather sharing their love for cruisers and crotch rockets. It is my favorite opportunity to sit on a bunch of really sexy motorcycles and dream. This year, it would be a little less fantasizing and a little more shopping.

My heart is set on a Harley Davidson Street Bob.

Or the Nightster.

I can’t decide if the only reason I like the Nightster is because Marisa Miller looks so damn sexy on it. It is a little more rugged than the Street Bob as well as about $3000 less.

This morning, I intended on taking advantage of the reduced prices at the show and purchase some of the essential riding gear – leather jacket, boots, helmet, maybe pants as well. I may be jumping the gun as I do not have my license yet, but a local Harley dealership offers the Rider’s Edge course every weekend for a nominal fee which overrides the DMV road test. I plan on taking it in early summer when my weekend schedule opens up.

As I am in the process of paying off tuition and ridiculously high credit card bills, it is probably best I did not charge an extra few hundred this morning on motorcycle gear for a bike I do not have nor can afford to buy in the next 12 months. Alas, the experience of the show is greatly missed as is the company of the interesting characters who attend.

The rest of my day involved a ritual trip to Vada Spa and a viewing of Tintin with a very good friend of mine. Instead I find myself sipping a steaming mug of chai tea splitting my time between watching Darby frolic in the snow, leaping up to catch snow flakes and rolling around in the white powder, and reading Wuthering Heights – a classic revolving around the destructive power of passion and love. This is not usually a subject I am inclined to read, but too many I know consider it a favorite. Therefore, I feel compelled to give it a chance.

While my intended day’s plans shifted due to inclement weather, I refuse to lose my Saturday. I will make the most of it spending time with Darby, reading, maybe trying out a new recipe and venturing out to Whole Foods once the flurries subside. If I feel inspired, I can get ahead on school work, CPA review materials or even my accountant work (unlikely).

For those of you who have snow – enjoy! For those of you who do not – you lucky bastards.

Motorcycle photos courtesy of Google.