Food Journal Accountability Final Days 20-21

Day 20 was about preparing for New Year’s Eve. I ate a full breakfast of quinoa, coconut milk, walnuts and hazelnuts. Delicious and filling. By lunch time I was still full, but to eat I made myself a pretty big salad. I had an apple for a snack before dinner and a tasty lentil stew for dinner with tomatoes, potatoes, celery, lentils, vegetable broth, and some other veggies. I also enjoyed half a baked sweet potato with dinner.

New Year’s Eve was spectacular, but that is for another post. I began the morning with lots of water. Had a big bowl of oatmeal with fruit around noon and a salad and bruschetta for dinner. Delicious! Once the party began I snacked on some chips, by 3am I had a piece of pizza and at 6am before passing out I shared a bowl of ramen with a friend of mine. All part of the celebration. These things will be kicked now that it is 2012.

I lost a total of 5lbs over the course of the past 21 days. I feel great! I did not incorporate as much exercise as I initially intended but I revamped my workout this morning with a trainer (a post with details is coming).

I have learned a few things from this experience: blogging daily about my food intake it too much. I hope I didn’t overwhelm anyone during this process. I also learned that I drink a ridiculous amount of coconut milk (not a bad thing) and I need to work on consuming more complete proteins. This can be done a variety of ways. Quinoa is the only plant-based complete protein; however grains can cause inflammation and can prevent the absorption of nutrients. Spirulina is a good source of omega-3, but does not have 6 or 9. I know root vegetables are good sources of these other types. I’ll do some research and post shortly.

Thanks for sticking with me through this!

Food Journal Day 18-19

Yesterday and today were about the same. Lots of water in the mornings and a delicious peach, banana and mango smoothie with coconut milk for lunch.

Yesterday I stuck with more water and tea for dinner. I simply was not feeling food. I had an incredible amount of energy and did a lot of at home exercises with dumbbells and my yoga mat.

I woke up today feel light and healthy and a little bit sore. I did go to the gym today for an hour-long yoga class, about 25 minutes of interval training on the treadmill, and a whole bunch of machines working every muscle till they fatigued. I came home to a small cup of butternut squash soup and some sliced tomato with balsamic vinegar. Yum!!

Also, I completely forgot the weigh-in I was supposed to do Monday! I ended up doing it Tuesday and hit 135lbs!! So a 5lbs loss so far despite my little misbehavior around Christmas. Final day of accountability is Saturday. Going to keep up my good habits and weigh in Saturday morning before I consume mass amount of alcohol.

Food Journal Day 16-17

Monday began with a bagel with Earth Balance spread. Not good. It continued with nothing but water till evening when I had a little bit of left over pasta my parents brought home and some tea. Also not good. Definite lack of anything with nutrients or color.

Today was much better. I began with a smoothie. A delicious combination of peaches, banana, spirulina and water. I ran out of my usual coconut milk and found a can of Goya coconut cream. I didn’t use it. NEVER buy this. It is not natural. It is the water from a coconut with enough sugar and crap added to create a sticky and disgustingly sweet syrup. Stay far, far away.

I drank my smoothie around lunch time so I skipped food until evening. My parents and I went out to a local Turkish restaurant. I had a piece of bread with baba ghanoush and a smoked eggplant dish with some spicy rice and roasted tomatoes and peppers.

Goals for tomorrow are to maintain mainly liquids except for a big salad at some point during the day. I feel the need to cleanse after so many grains.

Food Journal Day 14-15

Christmas Eve and Christmas – a time of holiday festivities, traditional meals and lots of pie. I did not even attempt to fight the traditional meals and goings-on of these two days.

Christmas Eve started off well with a smoothie for breakfast, but ended with a late lunch/dinner of pizza. With the house empty of food and most places closed, my parents came home with pizza and I merely fell instep and grabbed a slice. Not the worst thing, but cheese is not on my new vegan kick.

Christmas Day includes two traditional meals. Breakfast is always cottage cheese pancakes with maple whipped cream and baked apples. Delicious. My mom is an amazing cook. No words can describe how delicious these are. I’ll post the recipe. Christmas lunch, which is so late it is basically dinner, consists of salad and antipasto with various meats and cheeses. I stuck to the salad, loading up on tomatoes, olives and cucumbers. Next, a massive piece of lasagna. Luckily, my cousin is a vegetarian so there is always a meat-free lasagna which I enjoyed a small piece of with some garlic bread. Dessert is even better. I had a piece of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Yum!

While absolutely none of this was in line with my goals, I gave myself some leniency being the holidays and being in a situation in which I cannot prepare a separate meal for myself. Next year, I hope to be more steadfast in my ways and will prepare my own dish to bring along and share. Penni Shelton of Raw Food Rehab has a lovely ebook Raw for the Holidays I have been meaning to buy. Great recipes apparently all based up on classic holiday dishes.

I have also decided to push today’s weigh-in to tomorrow morning.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Food Journal Day 13

School concluded for the semester on Wednesday and work gave employees an 11 day holiday starting today. First full day of freedom. It was beautiful. I slept till 10AM (unheard of!) and took my dog for a two-hour walk/run to the reservoir. Along the way we met two very angry geese, two deer, one of which was eating a huge hunk of pumpkin, and a whole bunch of dogs out for a midday stroll.

Breakfast: Before I left for my walk, I made a quick strawberry and banana smoothie with coconut milk. Delicious and refreshing. It is always great to start the day with fruit.

Lunch: A delicious salad of mixed baby greens and baby kale, chopped cucumber, golden beets and pear, raw pecans (“candied” with a little maple syrup and cinnamon). The dressing was made with a teaspoon of raw honey, about 3 tablespoons of apple sauce, dash of cinnamon, about two tablespoons apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. It came out a little thick so I added a splash of water to thin it out.

Dinner: I made the mistake of not preparing a dinner for myself. Instead I ended up munching a bit. I began with a kiwi before moving on to a few rye Triscuits, all the while making a coconut flan for my family. It can be difficult to make a delicious dessert that I know I should not be eating. I did manage to resist. All except for one little taste test at the end.

Food Journal Day 12

Long, long day, but my first day free of school! For four weeks anyway. Also learned today that the two more accounting courses I thought I needed for my CPA are covered by classes I took as part of my Bachelors. Great news as it saves me the time and effort as well as about $2500.

Breakfast: Mango smoothie with coconut milk and a banana. I also had a very large caffeinated tea this morning. It was required to make it through the work day after living on so little sleep this week due to finals.

Lunch: Usual salad at work with baby greens, cucumber, celery, asparagus, craisins and walnuts.

Dinner: 2 tangerines (delicious) and a kiwi. All perfectly ripe and tasty. As you can see I’m starting to run out of food and due for a Whole Foods trip this weekend.

Food Journal Day 11

Three tests then more Christmas shopping. Forgive me for being brief, but I am incredibly tired.

Breakfast: Mango smoothie. Simply mango and water.

Lunch: Big salad with baby lettuce, cucumber, these tiny little yellow tomatoes, raw pepitas, chopped raw pecans, 3 chopped dates, 1/2 of an avocado, fresh squeezed lemon juice for dressing.

Dinner: A meal my mother made for me of carrots, string beans and vegan zucchini pancakes. Enjoyed a glass of Soylicious Coconut Egg Nog for dessert.

Have a great night!

Food Journal Day 10

About halfway to my 21 days with only one slip up. Feeling pretty good about that. I also feel pretty good even with the crazy amount of stress I am under. I am really looking forward to finals being over tomorrow so I can finally relax for a moment and catch up on some much needed pleasure reading and sleep.

Breakfast: I made a smoothie with frozen mango, a banana, and coconut milk. I put coconut milk in all my smoothies, but just so you know I am not referring to fresh coconut water. I wish, but it is too difficult and expensive to buy coconuts and hack them open everyday. I use unsweetened Coconut Dream. Whole Foods as well as a bunch of other food stores sell it. Overall it is a decent product. Not ideal of course, but for right now it works and it tastes good. Whenever I have coconut water on hand I use that instead. Fresh and natural is always best.

I drizzled some coconut milk on top to make it look a bit prettier, though it didn’t really do much.

Lunch: I made myself a salad with baby kale, baby lettuce leaves, avocado and cucumber. I used fresh squeezed juice from Myers lemons as my dressing. Very simple and tasty. Sorry for the lack of a photo.

Dinner: A whole bunch of strong caffeinated tea. I have two finals tomorrow and a makeup test. I’ll be up all night.