Lucca, Italia

July 22, 2012

We arrived in Lucca late afternoon and took a brief tour within the old, walled section of the city through piazzas and narrow streets to the beautiful Duomo di San Martino. Lucca is a charming little city with narrow streets broken up by open squares. The city hold many concerts and events to keep local intrigue and the stores and cafes have a certain level of charm. While Lucca is a city and flooded with tourists ever year, it manages to hang on to its own character and identity without being lost in the shuffle of touristy knickknacks and false goods.

San Michele in Foro

Tower of San Michele in Foro and modern art display of golden fist

Street in Lucca

A street vender selling sweet treats including nut barks and marshmallow candies

I did not dine or stay here, but I was told by a reliable source that it is an excellent hotel and restaurant.

Duomo di San Martino

Pretty side street in Lucca

This shop was very unique and sold fixtures of various materials with classic and artistic designs.

After our brief walking tour we were free to roam the city. As it was Sunday the majority of stores were closed, but we managed to find a few interesting storefronts as well as a good number of twisting, turning, mazes of backstreets that took us wandering through the quiet residential areas of Lucca.

Once we tired of the tight mazes, we strolled out to the wall which has been transformed into a cycling/walking/running path. The path extends the entire length of the wall in one big circle and actually runs on top of the wall with tree cover and benches. It is beautiful and provides wonderful views of the Tuscan countryside.

We headed back to the hotel for a delicious 4 course dinner before falling into bed.