Iris and Lapis – A Wedding Story

Wedding rehearsal began on Saturday with a brisk introduction to the formalities of the ceremony by my cousin’s rockstar priest, Father Jim. The bridal party then headed over to the perfectly manicured backyard filled with lush grass, hibiscus and a decadent patio belonging to the parents of the groom.

For the ladies, Sunday morning began bright and early with hair and makeup beginning around 9am and taking 7 hours to  beautify our already gorgeous bridesmaids. Everyone looked beyond stunning. Arriving at the Church fashionable late, the wedding was spectacular with a large crowd of family and friends.

The wedding reception was held at the Brownstone (yes, the NJ housewife’s Brownstone) and was an absolute blast! Even my Grandfather got up to dance. The center of attention at these affairs is always my little cousin Nick who end up dancing like a maniac the entire night with a crowd of amused fans forming a circle of cheers and applause.

In honor of my cousin Joey (the bride’s older brother) who was killed in action in Afghanistan in late March, the best man, who was Joey’s best friend carried an American flag out during the introductions in support and love for my cousin. 

It was an incredible night celebrating love and sharing the joy of welcoming Mark, the groom, and his family into ours.