Newborn Filly

While cruising up the long, gravel driveway to my stable, passing through green pastures of grazing horses, I saw the owner running from the upper field to the barn. The moment she saw me she yelled, “We need help!”

Knowing the pregnant mare who was due to give birth the day before was in the field stretching her legs, my mind immediately went to the worst possible outcomes. The mare had tried to roll and was struggling to get up. By the time I and the stable hands made it out to the field, she managed to get up and was immediately brought inside to the birthing stall. Her water broke in the field and within 10 minutes she was having massive contractions and beginning the birthing process.

Never having witnessed a birth before, besides those gross videos of human mothers from health class back in high school, this was an incredible experience for me. Especially with my ultimate goal of becoming a veterinarian. This spurred my interests exponentially.

The actual birth was a pretty quick process. The mare struggled a bit as the baby was gigantic, but with the help of my trainer and the owner, the filly was born healthy and happy.