Atlantic City

The big AC, true Boardwalk Empire. My friends have been pushing a trip here for ages, but due to financial reasons and schedule differences plans kept shifting, canceling and getting delayed.

Kyle, being home from Afghanistan for about a month before heading down to GA for Ranger school, insisted on testing out his latest obsession, poker, during a long weekend in Nucky Thompson’s town. His eagerness drove us to finally pick a date and make it happen.

We headed down on Friday afternoon, Chantra, her boyfriend Luc, Kyle and myself, all packed into Kyle’s F150 with our luggage stowed in the tool box. We made a pit stop at a podunk town about 5 miles out of AC to stock up on some alcohol – Jack Daniels of course. Being so close to AC we did not expect to see a town equivalent to The Hills Have Eyes, but between run down abandoned homes, overgrown lawns, and a very, very old gas station, we were not far off.

Our casino and hotel of choice – the Borgata (Kyle’s decision due to quality of the poker tables). We began our night with dinner at Bobby Flay’s Steakhouse and a round of Long Island Iced Teas. Chantra and I ordered a salad that caused the table to erupt with laughs upon arrival earning us a sideways glance from the server and some concerned words. For a pricey salad, a tiny little baseball sized portion was gingerly placed in the center of a plate about 10 times the size of the salad, dwarfing it. The flavors were delicious and I did feel full and content afterwards, but presentation was severely lacking. We ended the meal with a spectacular baked Alaska. Yum!

Chantra and I headed upstairs to change into our evening getups and the men headed over to the poker tables to gamble their lives away. Being two lovely ladies, we sexed it up quite a bit and enjoyed a few more drinks. Later in the evening we headed to the club MurMur for some serious dancing. When drinking, there is nothing better to do then head to a club, dance, watch the ladies in the cages. and make out on the dance floor.

Chantra and Luc woke up Saturday for a swim, Kyle for the poker table, and me for a very large cup of black coffee and a lounge. Today’s destination – the Boardwalk.

We strolled up and down the Boardwalk, taking in the sights and enjoying the atmosphere while searching for a place to get a bite of some local flair. Without even thinking about it, I made the mistake of wearing stiletto heels. I was forced to purchase a cheap pair of flip flops after getting my heels stuck between the wooden boards about 20 times. Lesson learned.

Chantra located Phillip’s Seafood, located right on the water with gorgeous views of the Atlantic and of the extent of the Boardwalk. The food was tasty, fish and chips a bit over breaded, but fresh and drinks were outstanding. After some more strolling around, milkshakes at Johnny Rockets and loading up on salt water taffy from a local candy store, we escaped the cold wind by slipping into the Tropicana and wandering the casino floor. Our intention was not to gamble, but to seek out a Soviet Union themed bar called Red Square.

Ice bar. Actual ice on the bar. So cool.

The tiny bit of Polish in me always comes out when surrounded with vodka. We had a round of drinks, all vodka. Natasha’s Peach was my drink of choice. It was delicious. Very sweet, but the peach flavor was luscious. Kyle enjoyed something with coconut rum and lime vodka. However, the main event and center of attention was a 48oz beast known as the Communist Martini.

With a pleasant buzz, we made our way back to the Borgata for another evening of merriment, or so was the intention. Some more poker was played, then buffet style dinner. As the night was still young, we headed up to the hotel room to digest and relax, maybe have another few drinks before hitting the clubs again. Alas, as we all relaxed in bed and quickly fell asleep.

Sunday began bright and refreshed with more gambling. As checkout was pretty early, we gathered our things and packed the truck before hitting the casino – Kyle and Luc to the poker tables and Chantra and I to wander the floor and try our luck. We began with slots. Of course a big mistake, but they look so fun and inviting with the flashy lights, noises and crank handles. After losing every penny we put in, Chantra and I sought out a roulette table. On a side note, the evening before, while wandering through the Tropicana, Kyle and I passed a roulette table. I immediately said “31” without thinking. Kyle pushed me to bet on it, but not being the gambling type I chose not to and we walked on. Kyle, wondering the outcome, soon dragged me back to the table to see it fall on 13. We stayed for the next roll to watch it land right on 31. Clairvoyant? I think not. But from that moment on Kyle insisted if I ever had the notion again, to bet on whatever number I felt.

Well as we hit the roulette table Chantra and I took it pretty slow, not understanding the rules or odds. Two people were already playing at out table of choice, throwing chips every which way, betting on nearly all the tiles. I went in with $20. Began by putting $5 on red – won. Next I placed $10 on red and $5 on 14. I was feeling it.

I won.

The ball landed on 14, which happened to be red and I closed out with $200 of winnings. Beginners luck? Maybe. Probably. Definitely.

Chantra and I soon met up with Kyle and Luc. Kyle’s interest in poker really paid off as he walked out after nearly doubling his money. At the start of the trip, his talk of poker made me nervous, but I guess he can hold his own.

Overpriced and filled with trashy hoes and old people gambling away their Social security, AC is a place of debauchery and fun. Can’t wait to be welcomed back.


It seems I have not done a post in about a month’s time. To any eager followers out there – I am sorry to disappoint.

My cousin Joey was killed in Afghanistan the last week of March. It was his fourth tour of duty and he was due to come home in two weeks. This loss has hit my family very hard and we are still in the process of coping.

The day after I heard about my cousin’s death, I was scheduled to head up to Boston for my boyfriend’s return from Afghanistan. Needless to say, I did not make it up to Boston. Instead, my loving boyfriend came down to New York to be with me as soon as he was released. It made the time a bit more bearable though still the worst nightmare my family has ever suffered through.

Since then, I spent Easter with my boyfriend in Portland, ME and went to Atlantic City with him and two friends the following weekend. These posts are currently in draft, look forward to them eagerly; they are both wonderful weekends. This weekend I’ll be up in Boston celebrating 4/20 and enjoying the last weekend with Kyle before he heads off to Ranger school for a period of 2-6 months with zero communication. While I am incredibly proud of him and supportive, I am dreading not having him to talk to for such a long period of time.

Consider me officially back.