Twin Peaks

Weird, bizarre, disturbing, fanatical… Yet considered by some to be the best television show ever written. While it only lasted two seasons, Twin Peaks quickly became a cult classic.

While watching an episode of Psych entitled “Duel Spires,” based off of Twin Peaks, I became intrigued by the strange characters and weird scenarios and Netflix just so happened to have the complete first and second season. The first season began beautifully. It truly was an incredibly well done show. Attention is drawn to this small town when a high school girl is found dead. Investigations are underway and the FBI end up coming on the scene. However, this is not a crime drama. Techniques used by the prime investigator factor in bizarre dreams and visions as well as entering alternative worlds and entertaining a strange theory about owls.

Then things began to get very bizarre in the second season with alternate dimensions, some strange theory about the owls I still don’t fully understand, a twisted concept of good and evil and funny little man with the strangest voice.

I really can’t even begin to explain it. I can just say that it is well worth every moment. Plus these gorgeous women are in it. Can’t miss that.

Ten Erotic Books Sexier Than Fifty Shades of Grey

I have yet to read Fifty Shades of Grey, but it is on my list and I always enjoy a bit of raunchy reading now and then. For those of you who have read it, enjoyed it, and want more, please thank Time Out New York for posting this list of ten books that are even sexier than Fifty Shades of Grey. You can find the full article here.

Ten Erotic Books Sexier Than Fifty Shades of Grey

These erotic books are hotter and much better written than the E.L. James S&M trilogy—save Fifty Shades of Grey for your mother.

By Michele Filgate Tue Sep 4 2012

Erotic books by E.L. James: You, your friends, your mother and most strangers on the sidewalk or the subway know not only the name and reputation of the S&M trilogy which begins with Fifty Shades of Grey, but likely more than a few intimate details about the story. As happy as we are that people are reading, the truth is that this so-called mommy-porn tale is nothing more than a slightly naughty, poorly written melodrama. The following ten erotic books are alternatives we at TONY find riskier, sexier and simply better written than E.L. James’s feminist-baiting juvenilia.

Kafka Was the Rage by Anatole Broyard

In this slim volume, New York Times book critic Broyard details what it was to be an artist in Greenwich Village in the 1940s. Between opening a bookstore and attending the New School, Broyard discovers what sex can be with an artist named Sheri Martinelli, a protégée of Anaïs Nin: “She made love the way she talked—by breaking down the grammar and the rhythms of sex. Young men tend to make love monotonously, but Sheri took my monotony and developed variations on it, as if she were composing a fugue.” There’s also lots of rewarding talk about underpants.

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Vox by Nicholson Baker

This master of minutiae—he once wrote an entire novel set on an escalator—is also well known for his erotic tales. This is the book Monica Lewinsky famously gifted to Bill Clinton—and it’s no wonder she did. The entire book is a steamy conversation between two strangers, who talk about all of their sexual fantasies. In one memorable passage, Baker goes so far as to evoke the carnal noise pasta makes when you stir it with olive oil.

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Trouble by Kate Christensen

For an erotic novel that’s both entertaining and impressively crafted, pick up this book by award-winning novelist Kate Christensen, who paints vivid pictures of contemporary society. The two romantically unsuccessful friends in Trouble take a vacation to Mexico City—where they aim to escape their midlife crises and rediscover their youth. As with all of her titles, Christensen proves herself a poet of the senses by making her descriptions of food just as tantalizing as the sexy encounters.

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The Joy of Sex by Alex Comfort, M.B., Ph.D.

Okay, so you don’t read this book as much as sneak a look at the scandalous pictures—especially when you’re 12 years old and staying at a friend’s house, and notice said friend’s parents’ copy on their bookshelf. If a picture is worth a thousand words, we’d say just one of this book’s evocative illustrations—e.g., the oral encounter Comfort identifies as “mouth music”—is definitely worth more than several thousand words from the James’s pen.

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The Passion by Jeanette Winterson

What’s sexier than a red-haired cross-dresser who can walk on water? In Jeanette Winterson’s The Passion, Villanelle loses her heart to a noblewoman with whom she is in love. Part historical fiction (set during the Napoleonic Wars) and part magical realism, this fairy-tale-infused novel is rich with beautiful sentences. Winterson locates passion somewhere in the nexus of fear and sex—what’s more of a turn-on than that?

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How Should a Person Be by Sheila Heti

When a friend of mine made a cross-stitch inspired by this book (with the words “I’ll be giving blow jobs in Heaven”), I knew I had to read it. In this “Novel from Life,” Heti records conversations with artistic friends, in an attempt to get at the essence of who she really is. But there are plenty of wonderfully racy scenes in which she describes sex with a total creep (who happens to be good in bed): “I don’t know why all of you are reading books when you could be getting reamed by Israel, spat on, beaten up against the headboard—with every jab, your head battered into the headboard. Why are you all reading? I don’t understand this reading business when there is so much fucking to be done.”

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The Poetry of Pablo Neruda edited by Ilan Stavans

Poetry is romantic, yes, but many verses composed by this Chilean master and Nobel Prize winner are also undeniably sexy. Feel the yearning in just one representative poem, “Love,” as translated by Ilan Stavans: “Woman, I would have been your child, to drink / The milk of your breasts as from a well.” Put that alongside the line about Christian Grey’s “oh-so-happy trail” and tell us which makes you weaker in the knees.

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Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

An ex–combat nurse named Claire reunites with her husband (a soldier) at the end of World War II, in the first sci-fi adventure-romance novel of the Outlander series. Soon after, she is transported back in time and falls in love with Jamie, a handsome Scottish warrior. There’s lots of sex on rudimentary mattresses—plus men wearing kilts! And good news: It was recently announced that Ronald D. Moore (of Battlestar Galactica) is adapting the series for television.

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Legs Get Led Astray by Chloe Caldwell

Essayist Chloe Caldwell’s collection of biting and honest essays can stand up to Fifty Shades for one essay alone, in which Caldwell talks about masturbating. Everyone does it, but Caldwell writes about it with an unparalleled humor and intelligence: “A great way to have an explosive orgasm is to turn the sound down on the porn video, and put on a song that gets you off. Blast it while you watch your porn of choice. BAM!”

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Inferno (a poet’s novel) by Eileen Myles

For fans of Patti Smith and raw, poetic writing, this iconic New York writer fills her Dante-influenced “poet’s novel” with her distinctive personality. It so happens that her personality is an incredibly sexual one: “There’s a moment in a woman’s life when she discovers she can have sex with as many people as she wants. Suddenly everyone is a potential partner. That’s when men get in the act which is why lesbianism isn’t really a thing it’s just this unbridled lust. It’s like god. If writers are the only people, I mean the last ones who have lives, lesbians are the only people who have sex.”

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Tom Waits

With a voice described by critic Daniel Durchholz as sounding “like it was soaked in a vat of bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months, and then taken outside and run over with a car,” Tom Waits continues to rip my soul with every rough word. His talent  for songwriting and music lingers on every note and syllable.

These are some of my favorites:

Bottom of the World

Long Way Home

Giveaway: Veganist by Kathy Freston

In this nutritional guide, Freston promises the reader 10 incredible changes, both physical and mental when making the conversion to veganism. She discusses topics ranging from moral and ethical treatment of animals, nutritional and health benefits of a plant-based diet, the potential benefits on the world population and health, to a better state of mind.

Simply put, the book is a gathering of data (scientific studies, interviews with doctors, statistics, nutritional information, insider information from the meat industry) and opinion providing evidence for the benefits of a plant-based diet.

If you’re interested in a general overview on the benefits of eating a plant-based diet, this book is perfect.

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Dark Shadows

I would like to begin with a quick belated Happy Mother’s Day! I spent the entire day hanging out barefoot in the grass in upstate NY with my mother, brother and grandparents. Weather was spectacular and the dogs were in country bliss.

On Thursday night I was lucky enough to catch Dark Shadows with two gorgeous ladies. The theater of choice was a small, retro theater that is perpetually stuck in the early 90s. The beauty of this – Classic outdoor box office and no crowds, despite it being opening night.

Every trailer I witnessed for Dark Shadows had me erupting with giggles and fits of laughter. I was previously unaware of the existence of the 70s TV show, but my mother quickly educated me proclaiming its seriousness and the ill-fitting humor of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton have ruined a show she knew and loved. She has refused to see the movie. I have yet to see an episode, but with all 160 episodes on Netflix Watch Instantly I will be checking in shortly.

The actual movie was a lot of fun. Good natured and entertaining with bits of amusing anecdotes and a licentious and violent sex scene. Worth the trip to the theater and definitely lived up to my expectations. I recommend it.

Country Obsessions

Occasionally I go off on a bender that involves a lot of country music, long drives on windy roads, and slipping away to a different kind of lifestyle.

Here are a few of my recent inspirations.

Eric Church – Springsteen 

Nothing like the classic 90s mix tape.

Kip Moore – Somethin’ Bout  Truck 

Country and trucks go hand in hand. 

Thomas Rhett- Something to do With my Hands 

Fun, frisky song. 

JT Hodges  – Hunt You Down 

Gorgeous baby blues.

Trace Adkins- Ladies Love Country Boys

Incredibly tall, incredibly handsome.

Montgomery Gentry- Where I Come From

Epic video.

Little Big Town – Pontoon

Great summer song.

Gotye to Kimbra

I am currently in a relationship, but if it were to ever end, due to our personalities this song perfectly describes what would happen. I love breakup songs – weird, I know.

Note the way his mouth moves when he sings. It intrigues me.

Goyte – Somebody That I Used To Know (ft. Kimbra)

An incredible cover of Somebody That I Used to Know done by Walk off the Earth.

walk off the earth – somebody that i used to know

Kimbra (featured with Gotye) is from New Zealand and uses her voice as strategic sound effects, beat boxing and as background effects.

Kimbra – Good Intent

Kimbra- Settle Down

If you like these, check her out live. She is even better!