For the past few months I have been severely shirking my duties as the sole writer and Editor in Chief of this blog. I apologize to any loyal followers out there who have eagerly been waiting for the next post. I doubt there are any left after 7 months of no activity, but I hope you return!

Today, I return. Revitalized, full of energy and ambition, eager to get this blog back in the public eye. Many adventures occurred in the past 7 months that I desperately look forward to sharing with you. So much has transpired, so much has changed. And yet, so much remains the same. While I am hopeful and excited about the future, I also feel indecisive and trapped in a world that cannot make me happy.

Over the course of the next year, I wish to change this. Find my niche in the world and break free of the invisible bonds that hold me back from the joy I seek. I look forward to sharing this adventure with you.

Welcome back to myself and to my followers. Thanks for sticking around!