Warrior Dash NY 2012

This August I took part in a 5K run of mud and fire. The Warrior Dash NY 2012. Bucket list item – check.

This 3.1 mile race took place at Windham Mountain, a ski resort in Windham, NY. The course wove its way straight up the side of the mountain for the first half of the race. Paths were slick with mud and contestants did their best to run up the steep inclines, over rocks, and through pits of mud. The running/walking was broken up by obstacles including multiple very high walls to climb over, a rope bridge slick with mud, hurdles, mud pits with barbed wire to army crawl through, a mud slip and slide, and fire.

It all concluded with a free beer and turkey legs (I did not take part in the turkey). It was an incredible experience! I went along with a few people from my stable and their friends. What an experience! I can’t wait to do another.

Photos courtesy of VK and Sport Photo, Inc.

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