Newport Polo and The Great Gatsby

On August 4th the Scottish polo team came to Newport, RI to take part in the international polo series. Hundreds of people came out to the polo grounds at Glen Farm to watch the game.

With my friend Helena’s work benefits, we were granted access to the VIP pavilion. A gorgeous spread of food, shrimp cocktail, grilled vegetable and meats, awaited us as well as a generous selection of wine, beer, and cocktails. Unaware of the food and cocktails, we brought boxed lunches from Fatilli’s, a cafe nearby. Before the game even began, we worked our way through most of our sandwiches, pasta salad, and were onto our delicious fresh baked cookies.

Scotland won! The crowd went wild! Scotland is always a favorite. The players ran their lap around the field, giving high fives, and retired the horses to the paddocks. The immense crowds made their way onto the green field with their frisbees and footballs, tossing them around until the sun went down and the Lobster Bake began. My friends and I spent the next 25 minutes watching people sit down with plates of massive, meaty lobster. With no tickets to the bake, we schemed and plotted to determine the best course of action for free lobster only to decide it wasn’t worth it and we’d get more food in Newport.

After a quick change in Helena’s apartment, basically me changing out of my silk top to a beach cover up that is completely backless, we headed over to Malt. Malt is a new restaurant and bar in Newport discovered by Helena. We sipped on Mint Juleps and ate duck spring rolls. Heavenly.

Needing even more food, Minxy offered to treat us to a pizza at The Fifth Element, a bar across the street that was the venue for the band we planned on seeing. The chosen pizza was a special with smoked salmon, crust baked with red chili flakes, arugula, and some deliciously spicy cheese.

The band opened up around ten and was wonderful!! The Little Kitten headed back to the apartment early as she had a WILD time the previous night, and Minxy soon followed her after a few songs. Helena and I were left dancing to fun folk/blues music until the band closed up. We met some charming tall, blonde and handsome sailors visiting for a few days and danced the night away with them.

The next morning we went to a showing of The Great Gatsby, the 1974 version with Robert Redford, and a tour of Rosecliff where some scenes were filmed.

Yet another wonderful weekend in Newport.

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