Island of Burano – Venezia, Italia

July 26, 2012

The second day in Venice, we took a ferry out to the pretty island of Burano where the local men are fishermen and the ladies make lace. The ferry ride out to the island lasted roughly an hour and offered beautiful views of some of the 118 islands that make up Venice.

Stepping off the ferry, I was enchanted to see a small town of canals, modest, pastel colored home and many shops selling locally made products. We made our way to a restaurant for a 4 course meal of local fish dishes. It was delicious and the wine kept pouring!

Bellies full of scrumptious food, we strolled the sunny main street of Burano. This street consisted of a narrow canal with walking paths on both sides, occasional bridges connecting the two.

We kept to the shade as the day was sweltering, following little side roads leading back to residential areas, captivated by the pretty colors of every home.

After a few hours of exploration, it was back to the ferry.

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