Verona, Italia

July 25, 2012

Shakespeare chose this Italian city as the setting for his play Romeo and Juliet. We stopped here for lunch on the way to Venice. The first site off the bus was the grand Arena where the world famous operas are performed.

The city was alive with action. Tourists strolling back and forth through the streets admiring the designer shop windows and crowding into cafes and gelaterias. We pushed our way through the crowds towards the small courtyard presided over by Juliet’s balcony. The area hummed with the voices of those seeking photographs on top of the balcony and men and women alike pushing to grab hold of Juliet’s breast.

Gum stuck to the wall near Juliet’s Balcony with love notes written on them

Juliet’s Balcony – The bronze statue of Juliet. It is said that touching her right breast will bring a new lover.

After admiring the balcony and groping Juliet, we headed through the streets of Verona to a market. The market sold mainly tourist items depicting Romeo and Juliet, but a few stands sold fresh fruit as well as cups of delicious watermelon, berries, pineapple and coconut. We enjoyed a cup of fruit while wandering around the gorgeous city.

We enjoyed a quick lunch of salad and pasta at a self-service cafe before meeting up with our tour and heading back like little sheep into the large and comfortable Globus bus. Next stop, Venice.

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