Castello di Verrazzano, Italia

July 23, 2012

After leaving San Gimignano, we made a stop at Castello di Verrazzano for a tour, wine tasting, and a light dinner.

The drive up to the castle was a narrow dirt path meandering on the edge of steep cliffs falling down to rolling field of grapes lines with olive trees.

Our group strolled through the winery, the guide describing how they make their famous Chianti wine (which is exclusively from Tuscany) from a blend of grapes and taking us into the bowels of the castle where the wine is aged in barrels of varying size and material based on the type of wine. Before heading to our meal, we were granted more spectacular views on a terrace and shown where the balsamic vinegar ages.

The meal consisted of lots of wine! My favorite part of course. Beginning with a white, then the Chianti Classico before getting a chance to taste their Chianti Reserve. All of which were phenomenal. The meal was simple, a pasta dish, meats, and a salad. The conclusion of the meal brought a special treat. A sherry type wine that was sweet and spicy. Biscotti was served to dip into the wine. I am a lover of sherry, but I found this wine a bit too sweet. A couple from Australia summed it up perfectly, cough syrup.

Beautiful castle, delicious wine. With a healthy buzz, we got back on the bus and headed into Firenze.

7 thoughts on “Castello di Verrazzano, Italia

  1. Reblogged this on Lara: On the Weigh Down and commented:
    Taking a little side trip from our usual fare. La and I plan to celebrate our 25th anniversary (in 7 years) with a long trip in Italy (and maybe Paris??). But check out this incredible pics. It’s amazing that anywhere could simply be that beautiful!

    • Isn’t it spectacular? The views from the castle were truly breathtaking. And this is Tuscany without any rain for 5 months! Imagine how lush it must be when they’re not in extreme drought.

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  3. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Italy! How much longer are you travelling for and where else are you going? I’m in Trieste for a brief visit at the moment, we’re going to go out and explore properly tomorrow then the day after we move back into Slovenia. Happy travels!

    • My guide was from Slovenia! I am back in the USA now. We concluded the trip on July 29th. I didn’t have my computer with me for the duration so all these posts are being done after the fact. We hit about 11 cities in total to expect a bunch more posts this week! Hope you’re enjoying your stay in Trieste!

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