San Gimignano, Italia

July 23, 2012

After Siena, we made a brief stop in San Gimignano. This small medieval town is located on top of a hill with stunning views of the surrounding Tuscan countryside. The city is walled and the outskirts comprised mainly of vineyards and olive groves. Another picturesque Tuscan town.

Our brief stop in San Gimignano did not offer time enough for a meal, but after strolling through the main street we stopped at Gelateria di Piazza for some award winning gelato. Across the square, competition nearly fooled us with another gelato place with signs outside stating best gelato in the world. A long line of people fooled waited outside.

3 thoughts on “San Gimignano, Italia

    • Oh yeah!! The best gelato I had was actually in a place in Rome. Though the one in Siena came very close.

      If you’ve never been and don’t speak Italian, I highly recommend one of the tours. The Globus one I did was phenomenal. I’m the type of person who usually likes to do things on my own, find the little local places and so forth. But having the guides helps you learn and see things you would never expect to do on your own.

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