Warwick Valley Farmers’ Market

Every Sunday from May to November, Warwick plays host to a Farmers’ Market with produce from farms throughout the Hudson Valley as well as artisan cheeses, meats, baked goods, wines, and flowers.

For the past few summers I have had the luxury to stroll through the market Sunday mornings, picking out juicy, ripe peaches, crisp baby lettuce and delicious apple pies. Warwick is as familiar to me as my hometown and I lavish in the vitality of the people and fertile landscape that surrounds an incredibly active and lively downtown.

After a nice ride on Cornelius (I have yet to formally change his name), who recently learned how to jump!, I cruised the windy country roads into downtown Warwick. The market was packed with families and friends stocking up on fresh, delicious produce.

I came home with a gorgeous peach pie, carrots, turnips, cabbage. spearmint, parsley, red parsnips, radishes, fresh cracked pepper goat cheese, and a stunning head of romaine.

I neglected to take photos this time around, but I will be back next weekend. Here is a video from the Warwick Valley Farmers’ Market website:

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