Rosetta Stone – Italian

I know I mentioned on my Bucket List the intention of learning Italian while residing in some beautiful Italian city surrounded by handsome men, stunning architecture and delectable pastries. However, with a vacation to Italy coming up mid-July, I am inspired to start practicing my language skills a bit earlier than anticipated.

While in Kabul, Kyle picked up a variety of Rosetta Stone languages levels 1-5 for $80 a piece. This bunch included Italian, French and Arabic for myself. With Italy in July and academic finals complete, I start learning tonight! The pressure is on. The goal is conversation in Italian by my trip July 18th. Wish me luck!!

8 thoughts on “Rosetta Stone – Italian

  1. I’ve been wanting that for awhile but budget wise it always gets put on the backburner 😦 I’d love it if you post reviews/udpates about your experience with it!

  2. Good luck! If you want to do exercise I write my blog in double language…hmmm in italian and in horrible english!
    Which are your plans for your Italian tour?

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