Chipotle – Sustainability

I am head over heels for Chipotle, by far my favorite place to grab a quick bite and the only fast food place I have zero guilt about eating from. Why? Chipotle has been at the forefront of reinventing fast food and pushing sustainable agriculture and humane treatment of animals.

Below is a beautiful commercial from Chipotle supporting their Chipotle Cultivate Foundation and the importance of a sustainable food system.

Chipotle Story – How it All Started

Chipotle Culinary Story

8 thoughts on “Chipotle – Sustainability

  1. I miss Chipotle! I’ve moved from the west coast, to the east coast, where I have only just found a possible replacement in Fresh Mex. Still, not the same…. It’s great to hear about a delicious product that has a responsible perspective, as well. Thanks for the info!

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