Natural Deodorant: Does it work?

Many of you are aware of the harmful ingredients in standard deodorants as well as the detrimental effects they potentially have on our health. Therefore, I will not divulge into the clinical details.

This post is about results. Do these natural deodorants actually work.

Over the past year or so I have tested a few different brands of natural deodorant in an attempt to see if any had the potential to work efficiently enough to replace the standard aluminum deodorant. I made sure to stick with each brand for a few weeks in order to analyze the full effect.

Deodorants are listed in no particular order. 

1. Tom’s of Maine: Apricot

Fruity deliciousness. I adore this scent. They have a few other good ones, but this is my favorite, especially in the summer. I found Tom’s worked fairly well if reapplied. If I simply put it on in the morning and did nothing till evening by midday I did not feel as fresh as I would like. I figured a little reapply every 4-5 hours was ideal and kept the apricot scent fresh and left me feeling clean. It does fall short during a strenuous workout. Which I am okay with. During those situations I always hit the shower shortly after so I don’t mind smelling like sweat for an hour.

2. Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Deodorant: Vanilla Grapefruit

Excellent company. I adore their body butters and fragrances and I imagine their deodorant holds up to that standard; however, I was unable to use this product for more than a week as it caused a severe allergic reaction in which my underarms became red, irritated, sore, and broke out. As I was unable to stick with this product long enough to get a sense for its effectiveness, you’ll have to try it on your own. Do not let my reaction hold you back. I have very sensitive skin and this company has a solid foundation in natural products as well as a large following. If you’re willing to splurge the $18 for the deodorant, definitely try it out.

3. The Body Shop – DeoDry™ Dry-Effect Deodorant Fresh & Floral Stick

Of the deodorants I tested, this is probably my favorite. Floral is not my preferred scent, but this is mild and fresh and does not smell like a grandmother. I also felt confident with one AM application versus having to reapply throughout the day. The skin on my underarms is happy as a clam without any irritation, redness or dryness. I did find that an intense workout really pushed the limits of this deodorant. As with the Tom’s, I don’t mind. These occasions I always shower right after so it isn’t a problem.

4. Crystal Body Deodorant Stick

This deodorant is great. Seriously eliminates all odors and works extremely well. Or at least I think it does. I am so accustomed to having some sort of scent under my arms that an unscented deodorant really throws me off and I simply cannot tell if I am fresh as I literally smell nothing. This caused no harmful effects to my skin. I felt best when I combined it with one of my other scented deodorants, such as applying this first then applying the Tom’s or the Body Shop’s deodorant. Plus, when they say it lasts up to a year, they’re not kidding.

5. Jason Lavender Deodorant Stick 

The following review is courtesy of my good friend Chantra. 

I first bought Jason to shit up my boyfriend from telling me that my current deodorant had too many parabens and toxins. Jason is all natural, paraben/toxin free. I am a sucker for  lavender so naturally this is the scent I bought.

I use it daily and it is gentle and non-irritating. I also do really love the scent. My only negative comment on it is it feels like I should reapply mid-day, which I don’t because I do not carry it around with me. This effect is probably because it doesn’t have scary chemicals that are seeping into my pores – so I am okay with this setback.


For everyday use, I have been sticking to applying the Crystal Rock then either Tom’s or Body Shop. With the combination it really doesn’t matter which, whatever scent you like best.

When working out, if it is a situation in which I am exercising on my own or at the gym and able to shower after I continue to use the natural. However, if I am unable to shower after and need to run errands or meet up with someone, I keep a standard deodorant, usually Dove, for these occasions as a safety measure.

6 thoughts on “Natural Deodorant: Does it work?

  1. I couldn’t handle the Tom’s…got the same itchy/redness/irritation you mentioned. I really want to try the Body Shop one now. Thanks for this great overview!

  2. Hmm – I expected to see Lavilin on this list! I’ve tried all those deodorants that you’ve listed (except for Jason), and I’ve gotta say Lavilin always wins out. Have you tried it?

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