Mike Worrall

I recently discovered this talent through a blog I follow, The Illustrated Adventures.

The talent I refer to is Mike Worrall, an artist from Australia.

The enigmatic, dreamlike paintings of Mike Worrall are often inspired by historical themes.  Informed by his work in film, Worrall deals with the sublime in his hyperreal depictions of the mysterious.  As in a dream, the quiet façade and the beauty of the large scale oil paintings masks the intriguing content and enormous energy underpinning the works. 

As mere words to not describe adequately, the following paintings are some of my favorites.

Sculling the Forest, oil on panel, 92x122cm, 1991

Equus, oil on canvas, 60x76cm, 2001

Le Grandfinale La Mer, oil on panel, 60x76cm, 2000

Le Grand Tour La Mer, oil on linen, 122x182cm, 2001

Incident on Platform 6, oil on canvas, 155x182cm, 2003

The Pink Shirt, oil on linen, 115x77cm, 2003

Seduction in the Garden, oil on canvas, 122x182cm, 2004

The Bouquet, oil on linen, 152x182cm, 2006

Forest Terminal, oil on canvas, 82x122cm, 2007

Bridge of Folly, oil on linen, 122x182cm, 2007

Forever Lost, oil on linen, 122x182cm, 2007

Seekers of the Truth, oil on canvas, 122x183cm, 2009

A Period Drama, oil on canvas, 123x183cm, 2010


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