Evening Radiance Ritual

Bright, clear eyes, vibrant flush of the cheeks, energetic spirit, and a natural, healthy, glow. The essence of radiance.

As my diet has begun to shift in the direction of purer and cleaner, I have also begun to incorporate techniques that promote a natural well-being on the outside focusing on the skin and hair. A clean diet is the first step, free of animal products and processed chemicals. Cleaning out the inside will naturally promote a fresh exterior, but this can be thwarted by layering harsh chemicals and questionable ingredients onto our skin which readily absorbs all we feed it.

In order to speed up the purification process (my New York minute attitude cannot handle much of a wait) the substitution with all-natural bath and beauty products as well as the addition of homeopathic techniques has transformed my daily rituals. Here I will focus on evenings.

As the evening winds down for sleep, I begin my ritual with a steaming mug of chamomile tea and a good book. Sipping for fifteen, twenty, thirty minutes, until I find sleepiness taking over and the urge to conclude my reading. I take my time. Linger and enjoy. Savor the relaxing moment of each evening, because with each rising sun comes another 8-12 hours of tedious work and complex dilemmas.

Next step: Dry brushing. This is something I recently picked up and initially hated. The brush felt course and almost painful against my skin and I did not notice any effects that made the process worthwhile. However, after about a week my skin grew to love the feel of the course bristles and it looked brighter and felt silky soft.

Beyond supple skin, dry brushing promotes circulation of the lymphatic and circulatory systems which work to remove toxins from the body. This can also diminish the appearance of cellulite. This is a wonderful addition to your morning routine as it stimulates the body and wakes you up. Be sure to brush towards the heart, movement can be seen below. I use a natural plant fiber brush I purchased at Whole Foods. Steer clear of synthetic fiber as irritation may ensue.

Direction of brushing

Next Step: Warm shower. After dry brushing, your pores are awake and alive. Keep the shower warm rather than hot. I step into the warm stream and allow the water to course down my back and relax my muscles, washing away the grime and environmental hazards of the day before massaging my body with Dr. Bronner’s Almond Castile Soap, my preferred scent as it is light and sweet. I also occasionally use this as a shampoo as it is wonderful for giving body and thickness though it can occasionally leave the hair feeling dry. I am currently using Nature’s Gate Tee Tree shampoo and conditioner. It is not ideal, but it leaves my hair shiny and feeling silky.

I conclude my shower with a burst of icy water before quickly retreating to the warmth of a fresh towel made from organic bamboo.

Next Step: Hydrate. While my skin is still damp, I apply a generous amount of cold-pressed organic coconut oil from head to toe, even lightly on my face, and allow it to soak in while I brush my teeth with Tom’s of Maine and floss. I even apply a little oil to my eyelashes. This helps to condition them for thicker and healthier lashes. I give my body another good rubdown for optimal absorption before easing between the sheets to escaping reality and slip gently into oblivion.

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13 thoughts on “Evening Radiance Ritual

    • Haha me too! Hence why I do them all at night. Some are definitely better done in the morning, but I barely have the willpower to get out of bed let alone dry brush and go through an elaborate ritual at 6AM.

        • Haha I would love a morning routine like that. I’ve been trying to get the drive to hit the gym in the morning as by the time I get home from work at night I am incredibly tired and have little energy for a workout. Right now, work has me up and out before dawn and barely home in time to hit the sheets.

  1. I hope this is not to personal of a question (so I’ll understand if you don’t answer), but have you noticed a reduction of cellulite with Dry Brushing? Thanks 🙂

    • Oh yeah! I barely have any. Sticking to a vegan diet over the past months combined with dry brushing and the application of grapefruit essential oil has had a pretty dramatic effect in the reduction of cellulite. I only have a tiny bit on my upper thighs and it is barely noticeable and seems to fade more and more every day. Check out my post on cellulite. As I have never done just dry brushing on its own, I cannot vouch as to whether it would be as effective, but it definitely helps and the grapefruit oil is incredibly effective.

    • Glad to hear you enjoy it!!!

      In my first week of using it, I didn’t think it provided enough moisture for my skin. I moisturize at night and felt by lunch time the next day my skin was dry and tight. After giving it about two weeks I realized my skin had been neglecting its duties in caring for itself because I was slabbing on ridiculous amounts of lotion that provide a barrier of chemical film over your skin rather than delicious, organic, moisture that is readily absorbable. After my body began to care for itself again, my skin is luscious, soft and touchable.

  2. I had the same reaction to dry brushing as you did! Distrust, discomfort, then eventually love. Same goes for weaning myself off lotion. Your blog is such a pleasure to read – sometimes it feels like I discovered a personal journal I don’t remember writing; you take the thoughts and process right out of my head.

    I’m still working on reinventing my A.M. routine, but it’s tough because even though I’m waking up earlier and easier on my changed diet, I use all that spare time up juicing. (lol…) I’ll probably always use the evenings as a training ground for new habits and rituals, but I’m hoping with time they’ll naturally spread out to an equally serene morning.

    • I am right there with you on perfecting the AM routine. But I have a tendency to go to bed super, super late so when I wake up at 6 or 7AM after only 4 or 5 hours of sleep, it is still dark outside, my bed is so warm and cozy and the room feels cold, the last thing I want to do is get up and get ready for work. I snooze, and snooze until I have about 20 minutes to get ready, do a quick Dr. Bronner’s face wash, coconut oil, bit of makeup, brush my teeth and out the door.

      I am in the process of adjusting my body to fall asleep at a normal hour so I can include something a bit more rejuvenating into my morning routine. Once I get all that figured out I’ll probably do a post about it.

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