Final Top Ten List

Back in early December, my boyfriend and his friends challenged each other to a top ten competition. For sheer amusement and to counteract their poor taste in women, I decided to join in. Please click here to review the rules.

After much deliberating, these are my choices:

1. Monica Bellucci

2. Scarlett Johansson

3. Kelly Brook

4. Minka Kelly 

5. Dianna Agron 

6. Nina Dobrev

7. Marion Cotillard 

8. Bernice Marlohe

9. Sophia Vegara 

10. Jessica Alba 

Much deliberation took place before finalizing this list. Women were cut, brought back on, cut again… And I still feel as though I am missing some very important beautiful women. It is simply not enough to only pick ten. Please feel free to let me know if you concur or have any disagreements as to my selection.

Images courtesy of Google. 

16 thoughts on “Final Top Ten List

  1. Thanks for referring me to this post! All the photographs are proof that curvy girls are so beautiful! It’s much better to have a healthy figure!

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