Fitness Coach Session

About three weeks ago I received a phone call congratulating me on winning an hour session with a fitness coach and a free shake at my gym. Awesome! I love fun little surprises like this. Being so busy with finals and work at the time, I did not book it till this morning.

These sessions consist of going over health and body goals with the trainer as he assists with a nutrition plan, workout plan and overall schedule to achieve those goals. This is perfect and just what I needed to get back on track at the gym.

Going into this, I was pretty set in my nutritional foundations (I knew they were going to push me on eating lean meats- Hell No), but I lack experience with the gym equipment. I tend to stick with classes for strength training and just run on the treadmill and do some free weights, core yoga moves and push ups to cover everything else.

What I Learned: 

The Trainer: Ken, a handsome young guy with an incredible body, true stud, introduced himself with a huge smile. Very warm and friendly.

Nutrition: We started chatting in his office about past injuries, goals, etc. before moving on to the nutritional aspect of the session. We discussed my pushing into veganism. His first concern was vitamin B12. I have actually been researching supplements. I’ll do a post about B12 in the future. I also eat raw honey which contains B12 as well as nutritional yeast. He then moved on to complete proteins. His ideal diet is Paleo, an excellent way of life that I am going to help my boyfriend shift into upon his return to the states as well as something I’m working on converting my family to. Paleo is quite simple. All grass-fed, free-roam meats, lots of veggies, fruit, nothing processed, no grains. In regards to complete proteins for vegans, quinoa is a complete source of protein, but it is a grain and I intend on avoiding grains. A combination of various vegetables will provide you with a complete range of omega 3-6-9s. This can be done with spirulina and a range of root vegetables.

Workout: My gym has been promoting cross fitness and circuit workouts. This workout encompassed both and did not require the use of a single machine. Totally my style. This is also something I can do outside! Here is what we did:

Dynamic Warm-Up

10 Jumping jacks, Walking high knees, 10 Jumping jacks, Walking high knees

10 Wideouts, Frankensteins, 10 Jumping jacks, Walking high knees

10 Seal jacks, Walking lunges, 10 Seal jacks, Walking lunges

5 Pushups, Walking lunge with twist, 5 Pushups, Walking lunge with twist

5 Burpees, Cariocas, 5 Burpees, Cariocas

Strength (3 sets of 10 reps)

KB Swings

KB Press (left and right)

KB High pull

KB Rows (left and right)

KB Goblet squat

KB Alternating lunges

KB Deadlift

Metabolic Crusher (30 seconds on, 15 seconds off; these should be done super fast, as many reps as possible)

Jumping jacks

Push ups

High knees

Jump rope (no rope)


This workout was awesome! It took about 30 minutes and felt incredible! It was a full body workout that is fast, easy and effective. I found the most difficult part to be the Metabolic Crusher. My muscles were beginning to get tired after the strength training. The push ups and burpees during the last phase were very difficult to get through, especially with the pressure to do as many reps as possible.

Definitely give this a try! So much fun and you can do it in your living room.

12 thoughts on “Fitness Coach Session

  1. First off. Although I dont come here as much as I should, I get your updates Via, email. Congrats on kickin’ ass with this new lifestyle. Most people give up after week two!

    Second off. I love how your trainer has you start off, with dynamic stretches and that you called them that specifically. TOOOOOO many people are stretching wrong for what hey are trying to accomplish. I actually did a post on this awhile back!

    Give him a Hi five for me! happy 2012

  2. I love this guy!! He told you to avoid machines? He knows his stuff! Good find!

    Using machines gives your core and balance very little workout. It also lets you sneak by with bad mechanics… always go free weights or body weight exercises!!

  3. Wow that sounds great, I’ve been looking for some new exercises to add to my own workout. I’ll be sure to search up how to do some of these, the Frankenstein sounds fun and promising 🙂

    • This was so much fun!!! One of the best workouts I have ever done. I felt great afterwards. Completely drained of energy, but I felt like I really utilized my entire body and burned a lot of calories. There are YouTube videos for all of these exercises. Let me know if you try it out! I’d love to see if you like it.

  4. Uh oh, are you converting? I’d have to call you out on that one! (jk) Why didn’t you make your family go vegan, too? You have to keep me updated on all this. I’m very interested.

    • Steadfast/stubborn, I am sticking with my vegan ways. The positive effects are too overwhelming to justify ever going back.

      My parents have recently expressed interest in creating a more structured meal plan. Knowing they would never cut out animal products, I did not even bother to suggest my diet. Instead I’ve been attempting to steer them in the direction of paleo. Cutting the grains seems to be their biggest challenge. It is merely an adjustment period. I still have moments when I long to sit in the park with a steaming cappuccino, french baguette and fresh goat cheese.

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