Food Journal Day 16-17

Monday began with a bagel with Earth Balance spread. Not good. It continued with nothing but water till evening when I had a little bit of left over pasta my parents brought home and some tea. Also not good. Definite lack of anything with nutrients or color.

Today was much better. I began with a smoothie. A delicious combination of peaches, banana, spirulina and water. I ran out of my usual coconut milk and found a can of Goya coconut cream. I didn’t use it. NEVER buy this. It is not natural. It is the water from a coconut with enough sugar and crap added to create a sticky and disgustingly sweet syrup. Stay far, far away.

I drank my smoothie around lunch time so I skipped food until evening. My parents and I went out to a local Turkish restaurant. I had a piece of bread with baba ghanoush and a smoked eggplant dish with some spicy rice and roasted tomatoes and peppers.

Goals for tomorrow are to maintain mainly liquids except for a big salad at some point during the day. I feel the need to cleanse after so many grains.

3 thoughts on “Food Journal Day 16-17

  1. I have a very serious question.
    I have tried to become vegetarian/vegan. Not really sure of the difference. More for my health than anything. But .. everything that I make .. tastes just .. bleh. cant really stand salad because it doesnt fill me up. any suggestions?
    btw .. I am totally going to the grocery store to try some coconut milk for some smoothies for my breakfasts!!
    Thanks for the idea!

    • A quick breakdown for you: Vegetarian is no meat, so basically no flesh. This includes all types of meat (chicken, pork, beef, fish, etc.), but cheese, other dairy products and eggs are all still consumed. Pescatarians are vegetarians that eat fish. A lot of people do this because of the benefits of fish and the unsaturated fats and essential omegas it contains. Veganism is the exclusion of all animal products. No meat, no dairy, no eggs, no honey, nothing that came from something with a mama. Some, like myself, still consume honey and other bee products such as bee pollen. I just buy local and raw.

      The transition can be difficult. Salads can get boring. I never used to enjoy them. You really need to load them up with tasty things like nuts and veggies and a really good, healthy dressing. I put fruit in my salads; however this is actually a no no. Fruit should always be consumed on its own. Variety is key. Also, don’t think of them as requiring lettuce. Make a chop salad with vegetables just chopped up super small and tossed with a vinaigrette or mustard dressing. In regards to filling you up, a lot of raw foodies I know will eat a massive bowl. Not the normal portion size, but about as much as they can fit in a mid-size mixing bowl.

      Also, stir fry vegetables with quinoa and some namu shoyu or coconut aminos (soy sauce alternatives) can be very tasty. And anything you do to chicken, you can do to tofu. Both have very little flavor on their own, so instead of dressing a chicken breast up with spicy seasoning or BBQ sauce, marinate some tofu and grill it up with some asparagus. Wraps are also tasty. I use collard greens to wrap up vegetables (cooked or raw) with a dressing or marinade. Spices are also key!

      Get yourself some simple cookbooks. Nothing fancy, just basic, easy recipes. is also a great source for free recipes as is the vegetarian section of If you’re interested in the transition, just give it a go and keep trying new and fun recipes. Stick it out for a month. You’ll be able to pick up on what things you like and various ways to spice up dishes. Also, go out to vegan or vegetarian recipes and try things off the menu that you think you would be able to make at home – various soups, veggie burgers, etc.

  2. I am no vegetarian, even though I hardly eat meat but I never tried smoothies with coconut milk. That sounds quite interesting. Thanks. Keep it up and thanks dropping by my blog. 😉

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