Food Journal Day 12

Long, long day, but my first day free of school! For four weeks anyway. Also learned today that the two more accounting courses I thought I needed for my CPA are covered by classes I took as part of my Bachelors. Great news as it saves me the time and effort as well as about $2500.

Breakfast: Mango smoothie with coconut milk and a banana. I also had a very large caffeinated tea this morning. It was required to make it through the work day after living on so little sleep this week due to finals.

Lunch: Usual salad at work with baby greens, cucumber, celery, asparagus, craisins and walnuts.

Dinner: 2 tangerines (delicious) and a kiwi. All perfectly ripe and tasty. As you can see I’m starting to run out of food and due for a Whole Foods trip this weekend.