Food Journal Day 10

About halfway to my 21 days with only one slip up. Feeling pretty good about that. I also feel pretty good even with the crazy amount of stress I am under. I am really looking forward to finals being over tomorrow so I can finally relax for a moment and catch up on some much needed pleasure reading and sleep.

Breakfast: I made a smoothie with frozen mango, a banana, and coconut milk. I put coconut milk in all my smoothies, but just so you know I am not referring to fresh coconut water. I wish, but it is too difficult and expensive to buy coconuts and hack them open everyday. I use unsweetened Coconut Dream. Whole Foods as well as a bunch of other food stores sell it. Overall it is a decent product. Not ideal of course, but for right now it works and it tastes good. Whenever I have coconut water on hand I use that instead. Fresh and natural is always best.

I drizzled some coconut milk on top to make it look a bit prettier, though it didn’t really do much.

Lunch: I made myself a salad with baby kale, baby lettuce leaves, avocado and cucumber. I used fresh squeezed juice from Myers lemons as my dressing. Very simple and tasty. Sorry for the lack of a photo.

Dinner: A whole bunch of strong caffeinated tea. I have two finals tomorrow and a makeup test. I’ll be up all night.

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