Cellulite: A Natural Remedy

A raw food, vegan diet simply melts away cellulite. I have had cellulite on my upper thighs my entire life, even in high school when running track and jumping hurdles 6 days a week for 2-4 hours a day as well as lifting weights and eating a healthy lean meat and high vegetable diet.

It was not until my freshman year of college when I decided to originally go vegan (eating mainly salads and vegetables with little to no grain) that I lost the extra 5lbs I fought my entire high school career to lose and the little bit of cellulite on my thighs completely disappeared. These results plus a really high energy level convinced me that vegan was the way to go for my body. However, veganism did not last once I came home for the semester. The weight lost came right back as did the appearance of cellulite.

I am currently making the shift back into the vegan diet focusing intensely on high raw content as well as incorporating various superfoods.

For those of you unwilling to make such a significant dietary change, use essential grapefruit oil. The citrus oils increase circulation and tighten skin dramatically reducing the appearance of cellulite. I tried it myself in preparation for my Hawaiian vacation and noticed a dramatic difference in just a week. Cellulite completely disappeared!

Look for 100% pure and therapeutic grade essential oil. Apply a small amount to the problem areas and allow to fully absorb before getting dressed. You’ll notice the difference!

Remember that this is not necessarily a cure, but it will help with the appearance of cellulite. The best things you can do are change your diet and maintain an active lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “Cellulite: A Natural Remedy

  1. Never knew there was something like Grapefruit oil! Thanks for letting us know about it. I found a few different kinds at Amazon. Will order it and try it out! Thank you!

    • Crazy right? Someone mentioned it during a Raw Balance Initiative I did with Raw Food Rehab. Tried it out, and it worked! Seems unusually simple considering all the products and rituals out there to help get rid of cellulite.
      Good luck! Let me know if it works for you.

    • It can definitely be difficult for some when you have become so accustomed and comfortable with a certain diet. Changing things up can cause a bit of a stir emotionally and physically.

      I have no interest in telling people what to do. The vegan, raw food thing has worked for me, but it may not work for everyone. The one suggestion I do have, depending on your local sources, try and get grass fed beef, the free-range, natural chicken fed a natural diet, and look into grass fed bison and venison. These meats tend to have lower fat content and higher protein. As natural and humane as possible. Better for you and better for the animals you are consuming. Also, I do not know what your normal meal routine entails, by try a meatless Monday or maybe do two days a week meatless.

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