Food Journal Day 4

Woke up to my alarm blaring at 4AM after falling asleep on my organic chemistry textbook around 2AM. Awesome. More studying. I crammed for a few more hours before my 8AM orgo final, which I aced!!! I was definitely well prepared, but do to my extensive preparation for orgo, I neglected to study for my biology lab final. Flipping through the first few pages of the exam, my mind was at peace with the simplicity. Upon reaching the final page, a quagmire arose worth 25 points. I gritted my teeth and went with the glorious shotgun approach, grinding my pencil across the page with every little tiny detail I learned about the topic.

Breakfast: I was naughty and did not prepare anything the night before and neglected to swipe a snack from my kitchen before heading off to campus.

Lunch: Made it home around 1:30PM for a quick bite of leftovers before heading to work (alas, deadlines).

A bit of my rice mixture, cauliflower, and half a red pepper. Not ideal, but super fast and tasty.

Dinner: Made a huge salad of mixed baby greens, chopped romaine, tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, pepitas, and fresh lemon juice as dressing. I devoured it before I realized I am supposed to be photographically documenting all my meals. Whoops.

For dessert, I mashed up a banana with cinnamon, cacoa powder, vanilla extract and coconut milk. Not really a pudding, but it was a tasty treat and cut my sweet craving.

Sadly no time for a workout tonight. I still have some things to finish up for work and then more schoolwork, but I’ll be heading to the gym everyday for the next four days. More than enough to make up for skimping tonight.