Food Journal Day 3

Breakfast: Yet another smoothie made with strawberries, blueberries, coconut and water.

Lunch: I absolutely adore my work cafeteria. I made a delicious fresh salad and a cup of lentil soup.

Contents of salad: mixed baby greens, celery, carrot, lentil, sunflower seeds, craisins, cucumber, balsamic vinegar and four small flat bread triangles (these probably aren’t the best, but they’re so tasty I couldn’t resist)

Contents of the lentil soup (guesswork as I didn’t make it): lentils, carrots, celery, onions, veggie stock all simmered to a savory perfection.

I left work early today to study for my two finals tomorrow. I took my dog for a nice long walk first to get some fresh air and exercise and get my mind out of the work zone for a bit. We ended up walking a block, sprinting a block, walking a block, sprinting yet another block. She LOVES to run and gets super excited when we go for walks. Hence why I adore taking her out with me. Her fun loving nature makes the exercise fun and enjoyable.

Dinner: After hours of studying, I broke for a dinner of about 1/2 cup of the left over rice dish from yesterday and some fresh bell peppers and carrots alongside a huge mug of tea. For dessert, I munched a few squares of an organic dark chocolate bar.

In reflection, a much better day. My salad for lunch really helped balance the day and get me some of those greens I’ve been craving. The cabbage in the rice dish is also a really great addition as cabbage has excellent vitamin content and is super cheap for those trying to save some money.

13 thoughts on “Food Journal Day 3

  1. A) Get outta here!! My cafeteria is a rotating chuck wagon machine.

    B) If you dont mind me asking…… How much on a daily basis or weekly basis do yo spend on fruits and veggies?

    • Per week, roughly $30-50 depending on what I buy, some of which is organic. I don’t eat much and it is very easy to eat inexpensive, in season foods. Root and cruciferous vegetables tend to be inexpensive, will last for a full week and really go a long way. Romaine is also super cheap as are sweet potatoes, another good staple, apples and beans (especially if you buy the dried rather than canned). The expensive items are the nuts, dried fruits (dates and prune), random supplements (spirulina, psyllium husk, chia seeds, hemp seeds, etc.); however these things tend to last a long time especially if kept in the freezer. I usually only eat one or two dates at a time and no more than 5-10 nuts a day. Out of season fruits are also expensive. I tend to steer clear of these. Berries get super pricey as well as tropical fruits. These are occasional splurges I’ll have once a week. Next time I go grocery shopping I’ll do a post of the things I buy and the total cost so you have a more accurate example.

      • Ok, I know you have been to my site, so you know Im into the science behind what we do with our body and what we put in it. I got this sent to me the other day from one of my nutrition guys. Since I see you buying this type of food, I was curious of the cost. With the pros of fruit, it also has its cons. Im in the process of weighing the two.Bare with me its long!

        Fruits And Vegetables

        Fruits, vegetables, and other super foods may have positive effects on INFLAMMATORY RESPONSES in the body.

        However, here is where it gets interesting.

        Fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which are great for maintaining health and wellness.

        Fruits and vegetables have been proven time and time again to reduce inflammation due to the high nutrient content and extra vitamins and minerals.

        But how much do you need in order to fight inflammation?

        Good question! The answer will SHOCK you, though!

        Here is the breakdown of nutrients and super foods you would have to eat EVERY DAY to fight off inflammation and the associated damage it may cause.

        You would have to eat:

        • 1 apple ($1 worth)

        • 4-6 cups blueberries ($7-$8 worth)

        • 2 to 3 pounds of aloe ($5 worth)

        • 4 cups of yogurt ($5 worth)

        • High quality mushrooms ($3-$4 worth)

        • Oatmeal ($2 worth)

        • Cinnamon ($2.50 worth)

        • And other fruits and vegetables ($2 worth)

        So you are looking at A LOT of FOOD and a high PRICE TAG – anywhere between $28 to $30 dollars PER DAY!

        This is just the nutrition you need to FIGHT INFLAMMATION, without talking about protein, carbohydrates, and fats!

        Add this to your daily nutrition, and you can almost guarantee your calories will go up, which may INCREASE your weight as well.

        • That is interesting and quite a lot of food. 🙂

          Animal products tend to increase these types of inflammation. Avoiding these products entirely would probably reduce the amount of fresh fruits and veggies you would need to consume to combat inflammation as you’re not heightening the risk with the rest of your diet. Juicing is also a huge factor not analyzed here. One green juice a day has the alkalizing power of a whole bundle of veggies. Juicing can get pricey when you’re doing a gallon a day (juice feast), but an 12oz green juice a day is very affordable and has a huge impact on your health. I incorporated one juice a day about a year ago without seeing a dramatic change in my food expenses. Also, if you’re into the fancy Starbucks coffee routine on your way to work, swap it out for a green juice (roughly $6-8 at most juice bars) packed with vitamins and minerals as well as a healthy burst of energy.

          Something to take note of, people who properly follow a complete, nutritious raw food diet or vegan diet tend not to suffer from ailments involving these types of inflammatory responses. They are usually caused from the consumption of animal products, processed foods, and prescription drugs.

          • Do you ever consider taking supplements? I hate food and i hate eating. I never have an appetite and when I do, Its meat and more meat…Sometimes potatoes. I have a horrible diet. When I was bigger and in shape, I got a lot of things from GNC. Through the last year or two I have been linked up with alot of smart people and have learned many new things.

            Having an 11 year old in the house is like trying to feed a horse. To me, I get more benefits at a cheaper price with supplements.

            • You hate eating? I LOVE food. I would rather eat a luxurious meal than buy a pair of shoes. And I really like shoes.

              I fully believe in the power of vitamins. I take a multivitamin, a B12 supplement, calcium, omega fatty acids, and psyllium husk is a fiber supplement.

              However, it is impossible to fully absorb these supplements without a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits. If you’re trying to stick to a tight budget, purchase produce that is inexpensive and steer clear of processed foods, prepared meals, and animal products. Fill the kid up with rice, beans and veggies. Make sure he is aware of what is good for him and why as well as the foods that are unhealthy and why. I’ve seen very young children make healthy choices after being made conscious of what they put in their body and provided with ways they can enjoy the food.

              Remember you are a role model. Children emulate their parents and pick up their habits, even the bad ones. Even if you don’t find pleasure in food, treat it as medicine. Your health is important, not only for yourself, but for your family. Show your boy through example what to eat and how to eat. He’ll pick up on it. Children who grow up eating diverse and healthy foods tend to maintain that throughout life.

              When sticking to the basics, eating healthy is actually more affordable. When you get into the superfoods and more luxurious foods such as imported tropical fruits, specialty items and the pricier vegetables, the cost can increase, especially when feeding a family. However, it is an investment in your health and the health of your family. It is worth the extra cost now to hopefully prevent health complications in the future.

              • Yes, I do. I know..I know…

                Im up AT LEAST 3-4 hours on the weekend before I eat,8-9 hours during the week…

                The best part is I suppress the appetite with my cancer stix! Sarcasm is hard to type, so I hope you see it there!

                Im not a role model (charles barkely)….. Sad but I am!!!!!!!

                He’s so against my stix but they are so hard to stop. I guess its the right time of year to change lifestyles…

                • Ah, those tiny soldiers of death are a problem. Definitely get rid of them. Especially if you smoke in the house. I was a Marlboro Reds girl for about six months before I realized how gross and expensive it was. Gave away my last pack and was done. Try the various methods and see what works for you. Chewing gum helped a friend of mine. Also, smoking is expensive and kicking the habit will provide extra money for healthy foods.

                  Now is the perfect time to kick old habits and start a new lifestyle. Make a list of goals and stick to it. Especially for your son. If he sees you making healthier choices, he’ll follow.

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