Food Journal Day 2

Alright day. My energy is a little low as is my mind, but my consumption was great. Lack of energy is simply due to a lack of sleep. I didn’t head to bed until after 1am with an alarm set for 6am. Final examinations tend to shift my priorities. Once they are over for the semester I will be able to get myself back on a normal sleep and workout routine. As to the down in the dumps feelings, the stress of finals as well as the stress of current issues with my boyfriend is draining me of my life force. Hopefully, with a little effort, things will smooth themselves out.

For breakfast, I made another smoothie. This was I blended the night before so I wouldn’t have to rush in preparing breakfast. Contents are the following:

  • Frozen mango
  • Frozen strawberry
  • Coconut milk
  • Tiny bit of honey

All blended together with a little bit of water.

This was a pretty large smoothie (it filled my mason jar right to the brim) and I slowly drank it over the course of two hours, 8:30-10:30am. It left me feeling full and refreshed.

I am on campus from 8am to 4pm and did not have time to pack a lunch this morning. I wasn’t even hungry. I drank a ton of water which always helps to keep me feeling full and kept myself busy with studying and classes. Basically, no lunch for me, but I did have a quick snack of baby carrots upon arriving home this afternoon to tie me over until an early dinner.

For dinner, my mother kindly cooked me up some brown and black rice with onions, celery, and cabbage, which I enjoyed with some pepper and soy sauce. Some equivalents to soy sauce that are better for you are coconut aminos and tamari.

Afterwards I had some ruby-red grapefruit and orange for dessert.

I am currently winding down for the evening with a mug of chai tea, cocoa and goji berries. Chai is a black tea and does contain caffeine, so I don’t recommend it for a nighttime drink. I just happened to really be in the mood for it.

In reflection, I consumed a lot of fruit again today. I need to cut down on the fruit and increase the green leafy veggies. I have yet to go grocery shopping. Once I do that, things should transition to a more balanced routine.