Top Ten

So let’s be judgmental and critical for a moment because it is fun.

My boyfriend and a bunch of his military friends are creating personal Top Ten Women lists with the following rules:

1. Must be an actress (any credit on IMDB will suffice)

2. Must be as they currently are in 2011

3. Purely physical critique

4. Intent of the list is women you would want to have sex with – rate them on raw sexual dynamism

I am currently still working on mine, but I would LOVE everyone’s input. Please throw some names down in the comments section. Thanks!

tokidoki Barbie Doll

A few months ago a heard an announcement on Sirius XM Alt Nation (best station ever!) informing the audience of a new Barbie doll.

Decked out in sparky heels, pink hair, and tattoos, she portrays a young, fresh and adventurous generation with a love for living art and the unique.

She is fabulous. I adore her spiky, little pooch. Such a cutie.

While she is a wee bit skinny, she is stunning. Throughout Barbie’s existence, she has been viewed as a feminine image for young girls to look up to and to emulate. There has been massive controversy about her blonde hair, blue eyed, skinny self constantly baking and doing homey, motherly things, but this doll is opening the doors to a new world which can allow edgy looks and tattoos to be considered normal and beautiful.