Hawaiian Adventures Days 14-15

The final days in Hawaii.

Wednesday, November 9th 

Last full day in Hawaii. Last night to appreciate the beauty of Oahu and the last night for another five months to spend with the man I love, crazy fool that I am.

We spent the morning enjoying each other’s company before heading out to lunch at California Beach Rock N’ Sushi. Another deliciously fresh and unique sushi experience.

Full of tasty sushi, we went to Jamba Juice to get some fruit smoothies before cruising over to Pearl Harbor.

View from the ferry ride to the memorial.

The Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

Apparently the oil has been leaking out since it went down. Can't imagine that's good for the environment.

The names of those who died and a section for the survivors of Pearl Harbor who wished to be buried with them.

Kyle’s Aunt who resides in California and has been to Hawaii countless times, gave us a call that afternoon as well as a ton of suggestions. We took her up on a few of those tonight beginning with the sunset at House Without A Key.

After a lovely sunset and some delicious tropical beverages, we took a stroll around the beach and the International Marketplace. We came across this great little dive bar, Lava Rock Lounge with $3 Mai Tais. Nothing beats that. After a few rounds we continued down the beach only to find our dinner destination to have closed an hour before, another suggestion from Kyle’s Aunt. Thank goodness she gave us plenty. We headed back the direction we came and dined at Dukes, great drinks and great food.

The evening concluded with a nice buzz and great company.

Thursday, November 10th 

With a flight that evening, the morning was spent having sex, doing laundry and attempting to pack. Even though I left with the same amount of things, it was nearly impossible to fit them into the suitcase.

We still had the rental, so Kyle drove me to the airport after a quick lunch at the Brewery we went to a few days before.

At the airport he surprised me with a beautiful pair of black coral earings. Absolutely stunning.

At this point I was completely overwhelmed. I managed to not get too upset until on the plane where the lights were down and everyone around me was asleep. It happened towards the tale end of Toy Story 3. I simply broke down.

It was like coming down from the most incredible high, crashing and burning in some tortured pile in the back of a plane. I was inconspicuous though. No one noticed or at least they pretended not to.

Between coming down from something that amazing and the thought of another 5 months alone, made the plane ride unbearable. On top of that, I had an immense amount of school work to make up and little to no time to do it. Needless to say, I spent $8 on nasty airplane wine. It was necessary.

Hawaii was amazing; an absolute dream vacation and I look forward to the day I return.