Lately I have made an effort to check out dieting blog posts in search of suggestions, recipes, and what people do to see results. What I have discovered horrifies me.

The majority of posts track the progress of relatively normal people following the standard type of healthy eating routine involving lean proteins, vegetables, and low fat dairy. From what I have learned over the past few months, this is not ideal; however, it is deemed healthy by the general public and I have no further comments.

Then there are a bunch attempting various fad diets that are not sustainable nor healthy. One blogger even ate two hot dogs and eggs for lunch. Not a single vegetable for the entire day. Talk about cholesterol overload. One of the worst things you can do for your body is feed it cholesterol. But that was the least upsetting of the posts.

Roughly a handful of blog posts involved women struggling with severe body issues, non-existent self-esteem, eating disorders and a perverted ideal as to what is sexy and beautiful. Many of them posted photos of obscenely skinny models, the runway type, with negative captions stating things along the lines of, “I’ll never be that skinny,” “she is so beautiful and I am disgusting,” etc. All of these women are beautiful, but society has distorted their image of beauty and created a unnatural and unhealthy standard.

Posts also talked about binging and purging, how it feels good and is necessary. There are comments back and forth between blogger on the best strategies for these eating disorders. These posts are a horrible influence on any readers with emotional or food related issues as well as a destructive means of self-expression. Living and blogging in a world of nothing but self-hate, unhealthy actions, and negativity is oppressive and is harmful to yourself and to your readers.

What these bloggers lack is a very simple truth. Success comes with love.

It is a process of self-acceptance and embracing your strengths that will allow you to grow as a person and achieve whatever goals you have set forth. To lose weight you must love your body, care for you body, give it the proper fuel in order for it to heal and transform into who you want to become.

While it is no easy feat to overcome the delusions of society, it is possible to achieve our goals by finding balance within ourselves, mind, body and spirit. It begins with recognizing that we have the potential and can get to where we want to be by simply following a healthy routine of whole, plant-based foods, loving our bodies, and taking care of our souls.

I realize that eating disorders are serious conditions that should not be taken lightly and I mean no offense to any specific individual or group of individuals. We all have the right to say what we want how we want.

10 thoughts on “Self-Love

    • @ virtuos and beautiful. Me too. I certainly understand where it stems from. Society has always had a say in what women should look like.

      I read an article a few months ago that portrayed the shift in societies expectations of women throughout the centuries. It showed a consistent love for the curvy, hippy and big busted, and even quite large women at times, until the 19th century when it all went downhill towards way too skinny. Now it is beginning to transform again into the curvy, but fit like Scarlett Johansen and Monica Bellucci. It is also important for women to realize that celebrities and models are photoshopped, edited and spend hours and thousands of dollars on personal trainers.

      But these standards are not real. No one actually expects women to conform to them. What is sexiest to me is a woman who takes care of herself and alludes confidence. Loving yourself is the foundation for creating a healthier you and a happier, more confident self.

  1. Alright, your talkin; diet and food so I have to throw my two cents in.

    As far as the food and diet “routines” I have read myself, 90% are crap.
    People really need to do their homework and not just read one thing and think its the truth.
    Science and nutrition have come SO far in the last 15-20 years, its MIND BLOWING. The problem is people are always looking for the instant fix, “get rich quick” so to speak.

    I have been going across the grain the last two years with people who refuse to “wake up” and look at the proof, not what they grew up thinking. Do your own research, on the research.

    This topic is the reason I started my blog. I have read 1000’s of articles on about baseball, nutrition, strength and conditioning, etc…. What i found out is, I kept ending up at the same dozen websites.

    Sorry to make a short story long… But remember, we ARE what we eat. So read labels, know where your getting your info from and always do what WORKS FOR YOU!! Learn how to tweak things in your favor.

    ex. take the top off your hamburger bun. Type of bun depending, your cutting your carb intake, in half (20,25 -10,12) and your cutting those nasty calories in half (110,130 – 55,65)

    • @Money Thank you for your insight! It is all about finding balance with yourself. So right! I’m big on the research as well. It is really important to know what the ingredients mean, where they come from and how they were treated.

      • If you want to learn a quick little trick form “the marketing genius’s” who sell us on, all their “fancy” and “misleading labels”… you should read the Battle of the bar. Its in my nutrition page.

        Another word of advice. Its not just about what we eat but also WHEN we eat it. I have two nutrition guys. One is linked through my page “Jeff Cavillere” (ex trainer for the Mets). Another guy I use, is Jayson Hunter. Hes linked through Jeffs page.

  2. I agree that the dieting fads out there are mostly ludicrous and often promoted with hidden commercial agendas too. I opted instead for a different eating regime, not a diet as such at all and it was and still is very simple.
    Having had high cholesterol for years and as I was gaining weight big time I decided that as the culprit was any food with high Saturated fat, the answer was simply – to pick foods that offered low Saturated fat. I just check the stats table on anything I buy (it’s usually on the pack) and if it’s more that 1.5 I don’t buy it.
    I don’t look much at calories, but obviously if too high I leave it too.
    So just eating normally but with the above proviso in place, after 3 months I have lost almost exactly 1 stone or 14 lbs. I feel great and my cholesterol level have dropped to 6 and is still dropping.
    I found this so easy I cannot understand why others don’t just try it – no will power required, just read the label and look at 1 stat – Saturated fat. If worried about calories read that stat too – and that’s it.
    It works for me!

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