Time is of the Essence

Time. I thought I had a world of it, but it is as fleeting as a butterfly.

I graduated in May with a degree in Accounting and a job with one of the largest accounting firms in the world lined up for Fall of 2012. I did not want it. My education and experience working in the field made me discontent with this career path. At this point I had two options. The first: I could do a year long MBA program which would be very useful if I decided to stick to accounting or divert into a different area of business. Or, I could revert back to my original path from when I started college and try to go to vet school.

The path to vet school did not seem impossible. I had an entire year to achieve high marks in all the required classes and I also had time to work part-time in a vet office. Plus, how hard could organic chemistry possibly be? I would spend the next year taking the classes, apply to vet school, and provided I was accepted, postpone admission to work for one to three years to save up some money and get my CPA.

I spent the summer taking Chemistry I and II. In vain I tried animal hospital after animal hospital for some part-time work. They either had specific shifts that did not line up with my class schedule or only had need for full-time employees. I began the fall semester taking organic chemistry I, physics I and biology I. I am currently failing organic chemistry; however, despite the fact that I am failing, I am failing much better than the rest of the class. Class average on the last test was a 30 and I scored a 48. Nothing to be proud of, but when an entire class is doing that awful, it reflects more on the professor.

Now it is time to figure out my plan for spring semester. I had previously thought I would forgo all the accounting things and just focus on pre-vet courses. That may be changing. For the CPA, I need to take an accounting ethics and an accounting research course. I also need to do a CPA review course in order to pass the tests for licensing. For vet school I still need the following courses: genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, organic chemistry II, physics II and I believe I need one more biology elective.

It is nearly impossible to do all this in between spring and summer semesters. I have to choose. Why are choices so hard?

I am caught between something I’ve wanting to do since I was a little girl and something that I do not truly enjoy but can provide me with a safety net and excellent experience in a down economy.

The veterinarian industry has changed. Between corporations buying up vet offices and many vet practices being owned by multiple vets, the money just is not there anymore. I know, I know, it is not all about the money. But when you are facing a $250,000 loan just to cover the cost of vet school, there has to be some guarantee that the income generated from such an investment will be worthwhile. Plus, I am currently running out of cash to continue to pay for the undergraduate courses required.

What is currently occupying my mind is the state of our government, of our economy, of the world’s economy. Things are in rough shape. Most of the people I graduated with do not have jobs. They are trying to get by doing part-time or temporary jobs while applying nonstop. How dare I take for granted an excellent work opportunity in Manhattan while people are struggling?

What it has come down to is the safe way or the risky expensive, but potentially more enjoyable way?

I am leaning towards safe. While it is still not official. I am leaning towards completing my requirements for the CPA next semester and maybe throwing in one science course. Then I will try to do as many science courses in the summer as possible. I start work in the fall, but I might be able to do a Saturday class. Hopefully this will be enough to complete the vet requirements so that I can apply. If not, then so be it. Classes are good for 10 years. I can take a leave of absence at some point to complete any remaining classes.

People work because they have to. Very few love their jobs. Most are content with it because it gives them the money they need to feed their families and do something fun every once in a while. Maybe it is time for me to accept that.

Persians and Vampires

A month is WAY too long. The time seemed to fly by as days were kept complete with schoolwork, class, corporate work and contemplating my future, but a month is way to long to go without seeing my little kitten, Caitlin.

She is the cutest and most adorable person I know, a super sweet personality with a hidden fire that sneaks its way out at the most random moments. As well as seeming innocent, perfectly polished and cute, she has a dark side of goth fantasies and crazy drunken evenings. She also has a tendency to bring out the worst in me. The worst being a very chatty and “let me tell you all my secrets” kind of person, which I cannot stand. I simply do not have the strength to resist her feminine wiles.

The last time we hung out was my spa day before Hawaii. It had been too long. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you miss someone till you’re back in their presence, feeling their vibes and enjoying the shared energy. Being with Caitlin last night reminded me of how I need to make an effort to get uptown to see her more often.

We began our evening hanging out in her apartment trying to figure out plans. It was supposed to be a dinner for four, one of my friends from the East Village was to come up with her boyfriend (due to insufferable hang overs, they did not make it) so we planned an evening for two that began with a luscious bottle of Malbec.

Destination: Shalezeh, a Persian restaurant on the East Side. I had purchased a bunch of food Living Social and Groupon deals back in May hoping to use them during Kyle’s trip to NYC in June before his deployment. This was a leftover about to expire.

We decided to forgo the taxi, enjoy some fresh air and stroll through the park. The night was gorgeous, bright and alive with people and perfectly brisk. Arriving a few minutes after our reservation to a very crowded, noisy little restaurant with amazing aromas of spiced meats and smoke eggplant, we were escorted to the only open table in the very back of the restaurant between a massive family gathering of 12+ and a man who appeared to be alone.

I stuck to my goals like an angel and ordered a stew of eggplant and lentils with a hummus appetizer to split. The food was delicious, especially the rice. Throughout the entire meal the poor man next to us remained alone, occasionally checking is phone and frequently asked by the waiter if he’d like to order. Clearly he was stood up. I was hoping by a women, but by the end of the meal his friend finally showed, neither a woman or his gay partner.

Caitlin and I, influenced by the red nectar of the gods, had a lively, fun and frisky conversation occasionally getting flirty (as in me getting flirty and her giggling), but for the most part sticking to our man issues and well as future options in regards to careers and where we want to live. We’re both at a pretty complicated time in our lives. She will be graduating with a masters in May, I’ll be finishing up credits for vet school and looking at my part-time accounting gig turning into a full-time job next fall. Neither of us knows where we want to live or even what we really want to do with the credentials we have earned over the past few years.

Versus meeting up with her boyfriend and his sorority girl cousin downtown, we decided to head back to the apartment, spend some more alone time together and chat. This turned into curling up in bed and introducing me to the CW television show The Vampire Diaries which I am now fully addicted to. The concept is great. I love vampires. I find them so sexy and intriguing, but these shows usually require lots of sex to keep me interested. I’ve watched 8 episodes so far and no sex. Now I can’t stop until someone has sex. It’s an awful tease and this is how they keep people hooked.

Sunday morning we slept in till 9 and went down to the GreenFlea Market at a public school on Columbus and 77th Street. There was a really cool collection of things, tons of fur coats and vintage clothes, some furniture, a man selling vintage toasters, all of which work, plus an immense amount of costume jewelry. I deliberately did not bring cash knowing I would end up buying things I did not need.

Afterwards we made a pit stop at Dunkin’ Donuts to supply Caitlin’s hungover boyfriend who came back at 3am with a very large coffee and bagel. Lucky man to have such an awesome girlfriend.

Lesson of the weekend, go see Caitlin more often. She is worth every moment.