16th For an Evening

Turning 30 is a big deal. Especially if you’re a woman. My friend Ariele’s long time friend from college and former weed buddy turned 30 yesterday. To celebrate she invited all her long-term friends from various stages in her life, many of whom had never met before, to Dream Downtown hotel on 16th and 8th.

Very cool hotel. Apparently the new happening place as well. The room was awesome! Appeared as if in a world of bubbles, fresh, clean and white, with rounded windows and bursts of red.

Our room was similar, but with two full beds. http://www.pretentious.eu/node/282

The lounge in the lobby is the main attraction. With huge burly bouncers who select only the best to enter. They are incredibly picky, choosing only those with beautiful smiles and crisp appearance.

The night began with pre-gaming in the hotel room. Vodka and lots of it. Then the champagne was popped. The crowd was interesting, from various walks of life and even different cities. A New Jersey native, who grew up not far from me and is currently living in Miami working for a private equity firm, started a conversation with me about dogs. Her’s is adorable and she fell in love with mine. No one can resist Darby’s sweet eyes.

After lots of chatter and a few pictures, we headed downstairs to attempt the dreaded feat of getting past the bouncers. We all looked amazing, great crowd, but the bouncer spotted one among us, one of the guys, that he would not let in. The rest of us could go, but not him. Not wanting to abandon a fellow friend, the birthday girl decided to hang out in the hotel room a bit longer till the next bouncer showed up and we’d try with him. Success.

At this point our crowd had doubled, but alas it was getting late and Ariele had a dental convention early in the morning. We called it a night and both headed home, but only after stopping at the nearest pizza parlor for some drunk munchies.

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