Starting a Small Business

My cousin Nicole and I went out to lunch at the Twisted Elm in Elmwood Park, NJ. She works there on weekends as a server.

The food was phenomenal. We split a spicy garlic shrimp appetizer, white clam pizza and lobster grilled cheese. Not exactly on either of our diets as we’re both trying to remain predominantly vegan, but it’s the day after Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving went very well for me. I stuck to the salad, green beans, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. I did have a piece of chocolate cream pie which does contain dairy, but again, it’s once a year, right?

In regards to the title for this post, over lunch, my cousin and I discussed our interests in the small business world and as we’re both quite busy doing other things (school and work) we don’t have the time to dedicate to opening a legitimate store-front business. Yet we still  have a strong interest in doing something for ourselves. After mentioning my interest in eventually opening a doggy day care with a doggy gourmet bakery, Nicole jumped on the idea of just selling dog treats.


We began to discuss the options. As this occurred only 3 hours ago, no decisions have been made, but we have decided to move forward with creating a small online business with holistic, all natural dog treats. Clients would be online orders, local pet stores, and we could also sell at craft fairs.

I love new ideas and I love getting into new things. We’ve begun the research in regards to zoning, licensing and legal issues as well as recipes. I’m really looking forward to putting this into action this week.

4 thoughts on “Starting a Small Business

  1. I dabble in and out with being a vegetarian. It is tough, especially during the holidays. I can’t imagine strict veganism. I understand the draw of it, though. Down here in Huntsville, Alabama we have very few options as far as organic meat goes in supermarkets. However, hunting is very much alive. It isn’t hard too get wild deer or turkey…which really is the most organic form of meat a person can possibly eat.

    –The dog treats caught my eye. The lady at the local hippie food store here in town where I buy my beer making supplies gave me samples of dog breath fresheners. They smell like pumpkin pie. My dogs love them and their breath can’t peel wallpaper any more. Maybe something to think about.

    • Great idea on the dog treats! Thank you!

      I stay away from animal products mainly for the animal rights issues involved in the industrial meat industry (treatment of the animals, and how they are raised and fed). A diet high in meat has also been shown to promote weight gain, heart disease, cancers, high cholesterol, among other things.

      Fresh venison is great and one of the best types of meat you could eat. I hear turkey is a bit gamey though? Never had it 🙂

      I have found being a vegan a bit challenging. I was a vegan for a while a few years back now I’m easing back into it and do have the occasional “cheat.” However, it has opened my kitchen to many many more options in food. It hasn’t been the least bit restricting. Plus, I feel better, much better and I have a lot more energy.

  2. What a good idea for a small business, and its online aspect will help you save money on day-to-day operating costs. You might want to talk with local veterinarians to get their advice (which will also help with buy-in later, when they recommend you to their clients).

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