Mono meals

I just got back from Hawaii (I’ll post a synopsis of my adventures soon) and I am feeling truly down in the dumps.

The trip was incredible, sheer perfect, sun shiny bliss. But the flight home brought me to a cold, dreary and lifeless place with responsibilities and work and away from the man I love who is currently on his way back to Kabul, 6728 miles away from me. As cliche as it is, I feel this longing, an ache, in my chest and body.

After arriving home yesterday I felt so awful I did not even think of food. However, today, while that feeling still exists, I have been trying to fill it with food. I started the day well with a big mug of tea and a healthy salad made from chopped beet, cucumber, carrot, spinach, raisin, sunflower seeds, with some lemon juice and salt as a dressing. This soon went downhill as I reached for the KFC my parents brought home. Very unusual for my household. This made me think of him even more as the first time I ever had KFC was with him. Lame I know, but I am pretty caught up.

It did not take me long to realize that this is emotional eating and I need to stop. I tried to distract myself by going for a walk with my dog, doing some yoga, working on a paper for Chemistry, and scanning through all the pictures from Hawaii (this last one did not help much).

A YouTube video by DaraDubinet came to mind. She is a great person to check out. Very sweet and positive individual with an amazing amount of knowledge about the subjects of raw food. She mentioned the concept of mono meals. Basically taking one core food and making that your meal. Her example was a cucumber- chop it up really small and serve it with some lemon juice, salt and fresh dill. Super simple, very tasty and nothing to intense that you feel overwhelmed in the process.

When I am preparing meals, the longer the meal takes the more I linger in the kitchen and nibble at various things that are not in line with my goals. Mono meals keep things simple and quick getting you in and out of the kitchen without allowing yourself the opportunity to pick and everything in sight.

I am planning a trip to Whole Foods tomorrow to pick up some simple things to start this week off. I will probably not be doing green juices this week as it is just too expensive to keep up after spending so much money in Hawaii, but I’ll start them up again soon.

A note about Hawaii: I did not last vegan. In fast I only made it about 3 of the 14 days. My boyfriend is a very bad influence. I will be going back to the way I wish to eat as I happened to gain quite a bit of weight from my cheating and wish to lose all of it and then some.

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