Ooo, Tasty!

Caution: This is not a recipe nor do you I recommend you make it at home. It is merely a concoction of the random bits of produce I had in my fridge.

Just made a surprisingly delicious salad with the strangest ingredients.


Romaine, carrot, celery, pepitas, strawberries, pomegranate seeds


Horseradish, tahini, little bit of left over pomegranate juice, splash of apple cider vinegar

Horseradish and fruit may sound strange, and it kind of is, but the sweet and spicy balanced out nicely. It turned out to be almost savory and quite filling.

The only thing it really needed was a bit of crouton, the raw version being some raw cracker (chia or flax). These can be made in a dehydrator (which I don’t have) or purchased. Definitely would have added some nice substance.

The morale of my interesting salad, experiments are fun. This is the first dressing I have ever made and it came out quite good. I don’t particularly care for tahini on its own, but when mixed up in a dressing it creates a nice flavor. It is also important to mix different colors and make your food pretty. A good looking meal always seems to taste better. The carrot added some bright orange and the strawberries and pomegranate, a succulent red. While my plating for the picture wasn’t ideal (I’ll work on my photography for the next creation), the salad still looks pleasant and the thickness of the dressing is very appealing.

Overall, a good meal considering it only took about 4 minutes to piece together. Yum!

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