Juicing Continued

I have officially given up calling what I’m doing a juice fast as it seems I’ve cheated almost every single day for the past week by either nibbling on a piece of bread or enjoying a salad or the delicious eggplant tomato tower I had for lunch today.

The consistency this week has been the amount of juice I’ve consumed. Roughly 40 oz per day, not as much as most people drink on a juice fast and maybe that’s why I feel the urge to eat. However, these 40 oz comprise at least 90% of my day. If I do munch, it has been mainly salads and fresh fruit. Excluding the piece of pie I had on day one and a few bites of bread here and there, I’ve stuck to a raw plant based diet this week.

I do feel wonderful. Loads of energy. Even when I’m standing still, I want to jump up and down and run around in circles. It is a great change from the sluggishness I would always feel after eating as well as the need for a nap everyday and to sit down and rest after meals. I used to get the worst cases of food coma.

Since this is no longer a legitimate juice fast, I’m going to stick to a plan that fits my body’s natural rhythm a bit more. Basically the juice for 2 meals then some fruit or a salad for the third meal. This way I’m not diving for the wrong things because I get desperate. I’m going to try and make the food part of my day around lunch time. It naturally wants to fall into the 4pm lull, but I’d rather my system be as clean as possibly as the evening winds down.

I’m going to stick with this until Thursday. Thursday afternoon I have a flight to Hawaii. Can’t wait!

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