Island Escape on the Rise

I’ve casually mentioned this in a few other posts, but on Thursday I will be flying out to Hawaii to meet my boyfriend who is on leave for two weeks.

We’ll be staying at the Hale Koa on Waikiki Beach for a few days, renting a cabin near the volcano for a bit, then spending the last few days back on Waikiki beach. A total of two weeks on the island.

I have never been to Hawaii and cannot stop shaking with excitement. It is starting to get very cold here (60 degrees is cold in my book). I keep checking the weather in Honolulu and everyday it has been 85 degrees and sunny. Plus, the ocean is calling my name. Poseidon wants to caress me.

The hotel is on 72 acres and there are a bunch of nature parks nearby. I’m an avid outdoor person, despite my usual lack of outdoor adventure, when the time comes, I’m all in. I can’t wait to explore the tropics and seek out that hidden lagoon with the waterfall cascading down. I fully intend on dragging Kyle to a stable so we can go horseback riding on the beach. His first response was the whole romantic aspect of it, which I completely ignore. I merely enjoy riding and would love to make fun of him struggle.

In regards to my new food lifestyle, I plan on maintaining vegan the entire trip. I’m getting good at that. Hawaii also grows an abundance of delicious tropical fruits. A friend of mine gave me a good location to go to for farmers markets. I want to get high on dragon fruit. Basically, my goal is as many raw fruits and veggies as humanly possible. Maybe throw in some juice here and there if I can find a place and keep everything 100% vegan. Got to think about the animals.

Enough of what I plan on doing. In preparation, I’ve been trying to drop a few pounds and for some reason it just won’t come off. I’m also going nuts doing laundry and dry cleaning to ensure I have everything I could possibly need to pack cleaned and ready. I’m leaving a few animals home with my parents, a turtle, hedgehog, and my dog, Darby. All their necessities need to be prepared. Even more importantly, I’m missing two weeks of school and am working my butt off to try and get as ahead as possible in order to keep myself up to date with the topics covered in class. I don’t want to stress about class while on vacation. I also don’t want to be studying and reading everyday. Getting everything done beforehand is burdensome now, but it will allow me a much more free and relaxing vacation.

My boyfriend needs to destress. While his deployment has been “cake” (his word not mine) on the work and violence aspect, he has had a few issues with leadership as well as health issues from the condition of the country and from the malaria pills as well as his diet. These two weeks are a great opportunity for him to detox and live the island life for a bit. It will also be wonderful to reconnect after not seeing each other for 5 months.

Back to studying. 🙂

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