How Not to Open a Coconut

I picked up a coconut a Whole Foods the other day, a really heavy juicy one, and I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to open it.

After venturing onto Youtube, most people simply whacked it with a meat cleaver until it cracks. I don’t have a meat cleaver, so I decided to be creative.

I used a screw driver to pop two holes into the top of the coconut to drain the coconut water. It was delicious! Super fresh and tasty. Then I tried to use a regular knife to whack it. It didn’t really work and I was afraid of breaking the knife so I quickly forfeited that and searched for alternatives.

After trying various kitchen methods and failing miserably, I searched my garage for a power tool. Found none, but I did come across an old hand saw. Not the cleanest way to open a coconut, but after sawing for about twenty minutes I cut through about half of it.

Eventually, the sawing got a bit tedious and I just threw the coconut on my driveway and it smashed into a few big chunks.

Destroying various tropical fruits is definitely a pleasure of mine.

In the future, I think I’ll stink to the young Thai coconuts. Apparently they’re a bit easier to open. Regardless, it was a delicious treat and definitely worth the effort involved.

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