Juice Fast- Day Two


Woke up early, bright eyed and full of energy for a yoga class with this crazy instructor that has a knack for bringing out my spiritual side and really opening my heart and hips. She is incredible!

Finishing up with a Buddhist chant, I headed over to Whole Foods to stock up on produce for the next few days. I filled my cart with kale, swiss chard, cilantro, cucumber, celery, carrot, red cabbage, among others and headed home to crank out some juice.

I have truly bonded with my juicer today. Spent over an hour making a variety of juices to last me today and tomorrow. Some are tasty, some are a bit more intense, but so worth it. Adding cucumber to my mixture of kale, cilantro and swiss chard, watered it down and made it much more palatable without adding the sugar of an apple. It kept me feeling full and refreshed. At one point, my juicer terrified me by vibrating super fast and spinning around the counter. No idea what happened, but I cleaned it out and it stopped. All okay.

Among the produce, I also picked up some coconut oil and a dry skin brush. I’m going to start that ritual tonight and truly love my skin because it so deserves it after all I’ve put it through over the years.

I spent the rest of my afternoon doing schoolwork for Physics (exam coming up on Monday) and trying to get ahead in my studies in preparation for my 2 week getaway. I took a break around early evening to go for a long with Darby (my dog) which turned into a cycle of walking a block then sprinting the next block. I have an abundance of energy and Darby is always ready and willing to run.

Today was wonderful. I’ve filled an ice chest with the essentials for tomorrow as I’ve another 8am-9:30pm day without any time in between to stock up. It is going to be great. I am very much prepared and plan on going to  bed shortly and getting a full nights rest.

Have a beautiful night!

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