Going Raw

3 weeks ago-

I took the initiative to become a vegan. I spent a few months my freshman year of college as a vegan, but found that it was incredibly difficult to do while attending a southern school that cooked even the carrots in bacon grease. It was soon forsaken for bacon and eggs. This time, I decided to make it work.

The next two weeks went fairly well. I did manage to cheat once or twice (pancakes and bacon then a Taco Bell night), but everyone needs to give themselves a little wiggle room in the beginning of a dramatic change such as this. It is a progressive movement after all.

Little more than 1 week ago-

I came across a website (Raw Food Rehab). It was late Friday night and I was just poking around doing some research on vegan recipes and the whole idea of glutton and how to cook breads without it, etc. The notion of raw food was not new to me. One of my mother’s friends went on a raw food kick and tried to get my mother to join her. The attempt failed and her raw initiative ended up fizzling. Regardless, the website spiked some interest.

After wandering around the site, I came across their 11 week Raw Balance Initiative that was set to start the following day. I immediately joined up and starting planning this incredible life change to go completely 100% RAW. I loved the idea!

Though Raw Food Rehab sources and watching Youtube videos from the leaders of Raw Balance, I learned an immense amount of information about raw foods. Everyone was beautiful, happy, completely at peace with themselves, and above all, incredibly healthy! They glow!

I found this inspirational and decided to take the next 11 weeks to give this lifestyle change my all.


It has been a week in the initiative. I have not had a single day of 100% RAW foods. It has been tough.

My main issue is that I live at home with my mother still cooking dinners and expecting me to eat them. When I come home to a delicious plate of food, it’s hard to refuse. I have stuck to being vegan though. I also was not entirely prepared going in and did not know how to make balanced meals that fill me up, balance my intake of fruits and veggies, and had no idea what half of the super foods suggested even are. I also made cooked quinoa and millet instead of soaking and sprouting it. I believe I  had a piece of cheese at one point. I also had some cooked polenta my mother made. Nothing huge, but enough that I feel unsuccessful.

However, I have hope. It has only been 1 week. There are 10 whole weeks left for me to step up my game. I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods yesterday and picked up a lot of fresh produce (kale, spinach, apples, beets, parsnips, etc) as well as some Nutritional Yeast (good for B12) and Spirulina (also good for B12, but I just read somewhere that we are unable to absorb that type of B12).

Despite my cheating, I’ve lost about 5lbs so far. I’m not doing this diet to lose weight, but to feel healthier. I have a handful of minor issues I would like to alleviate and the raw food vegan diet is proven to help with these things. I currently have minor eczema, frequent upset stomach, minor allergies and join trouble.

I’ll be sure to update this regularly on my progress.

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