Good Ol’ Days

“Catherine, sometime we need to sit down with Shutterfly so you can show me how to do this.” This statement has been repeated to me four or five times in the past two months, never actually achieving what it intended until early this morning.

Clad in spandex and Vibrams, chugging from a beat up Nalgene while getting mentally prepared for a strenuous workout, my Father approaches. He casually mentions Shutterfly as I browse through CNN’s articles on the recent legalization of Gay marriage in New York state. With about twenty minutes before I need to leave to catch a Pilates class, I featly slide in front of the monitor and begin to breeze through old photographs.

The days of taking film to be developed are long gone. Our childhood memories were all caught by the old fashion method and developed at the local camera and film shop. My father brought countless rolls of film as we was permanently attached to the camera on every family vacation and holiday. It took some time, but the shop finally went out of business a few months back. Soon after we received notification of all our memories being captured digitally on Shutterfly.

A decade old, most of the photographs were of us children running, playing, and making silly faces at the camera. Some of my father with a full head of hair or my mother cooking cottage cheese pancakes and roast turkey. Another that struck me, my childhood riding instructor, Virginia Martin. A brilliant woman, innovative for her time. She passed a few years ago after a long struggle with bone cancer. Others are of my childhood dog, Shelby. The best Golden Retriever known to man. She is fourteen now. Time has finally caught up to her as she struggles to get around, but manages to wag her tail a million times a minute.

Time seems to get away with us sometimes. I look back on these photos, remembering the times shared with family and friends almost wishing I could go back to those carefree days of rolling around in the snow and searching for starfish among the rocks at the beach.

Needless to say, I never actually made it to the gym this morning.